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In the beginning Soviac's music was more or less like a raging forest fire which ruthlessly consumed everything possible in its way, and would have forced even the most hardened firefighter to retreat into retirement. Tight melodies, sprawling guitars and unruly, often howling, vocals distinguish Soviac's sound.
Their first album GMC Out In The Fields (released in 2001) is perhaps the most stirring and at the same time captivating album a Swedish rock band has ever produced. But something else happened along the way. Soviac discovered the synthesizer. The cross-fertilization between a guitar and a synth is not always succeeding, but in Soviac's case, it gave the following album Trilogy Sexlife Rodeo Friscotti (released in 2003) a completely unique sound. It was obvious that fire had mutated and shapeshifted; the energy was constant, but the rage had diminished so Trilogy Sexlife Rodeo Friscotti showed Soviac as a controlled bombastic explosion.
Every action has its reaction. If Trilogy Sexlife Rodeo Friscotti was an explosion, the new
album Hello Bunny is an implosion, created from the vacuum caused by the predecessor.
It's been a long time since Soviac's music was that untamed forest fire. Now it has developed into a cold, blue laserbeam, which is a completely logical evolution since the only thing that's constant in Soviac's universe is their unwillingness to compromise.
Thats why it's as natural for them to use the producer Johan Gustavsson (Producer of Randy, The Hives, Sahara Hotnights albums) at Studio Grndahl for Hello Bunny (witch will be released by I Made This/V2 in Scandinavia in April 18th). Together they've created a mix between luxurious rock aswell as dirty electro. Distorted guitars bounces against thick synthbass-lines and drumsamplings that works well both in the rockclubs and on the dancefloors.
Assuming this new album Hello Bunny grew out of the same entity that started the forest fire in the first place is not too mind bending.
The question is: where will Soviac go next?


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