Sonic Negroes

Stockholm, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Garage / Rock
It's Not About Music Records, Zodiac Killer Rec.
If we had been a trio, we would have been "the Jackson Five".

If we were african-americans, we would have been known as "Dixie Chicks".

We play hard mean punk-rock, the way it sounded long before it ever was invented.

We are not "retro".

We are the beginning and we are the end.

The place where everybody else is coming from, and the place where they are headed.


We are Sonic Negroes.

Said about the debut

album "Honky Bastard Blues":

"Sonic Negroes employ a dirty rhythm guitar, double-tracked lead guitar, soulful backing vocals and occasional extra piano and percussion to mix it up."

"You'll hear some Dictators, a lot of Dead Boys (with a bit more swing), some MC5 and a lot of Supersuckers influences, all viewed through a hard rock/pop prism."

"Somehow the band doesn't blow its best ideas in three or four tunes. By the time the closing triple heart punch ("Let's Go Now"/"Stop That Song"/"Uh-Huh, Oh Yeah" - love that harp!) kick in they're still going strong. The taste refreshes until after the last overdriven chord washes over you."

"When the final bells rings you'll know you've been a 10-rounder with a light-middleweight title contender. Nimble on his feet and packing a powerful punch. Only this is one time you'll want to hop back in the ring for more."

I 94 Bar

"Classic Detroit motor city rock with strong inspiration from Stooges and

MC5. Singer Hell Man is snotty like Iggy and the guitars are dirty and with

good use of wah-wah from time to time. Especially the first track has the exact

sound of The Stooges complete with piano and distorted vocals. This is Hellacopters

anno 2007 on fucking amphetamine. Cool, that this band brings back the rock

in Sweden as we used to hear it years ago."

Low Cut Magazine 44

"Filled with heavy

bass, over mic´d guitars, handclaps, accentuating drums, perfect harmonies,

and a rock & roll-worn voice to lead it all off, "Honky Bastard Blues"

is an easy target of fans of The Nomads, The Hellacopters, and the Supersuckers."

"I can see how in 5 years time, Sonic Negroes will be a "house hold

name" to rockers who are asked "who are some of your favourites?"

"Kicked Around" is my pick of the CD because it´s just so damn

catchy. The chorus is repeated the exact number of times to make you remember

it, but not annoy you with it."

Sugarbuzz Magazine

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