Soft Circle

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Crunk / Happy Hardcore / Tropical
Soft Circle is a duo consisting of Hisham Akira Bharoocha and Benjamin Vida (Town and Country/Singer/Bird Show). This music project came about after Bharoocha left his former band, Black Dice, in search of a new way to create music by himself. Bharoocha started out making tribal/electronic/ambient anthems that forged paths between the spirit world and the human tribes of past and present. Now as a collaborative project with Ben Vida the new sound is still based on the fascination with repetition, cyclical rhythms and trance inducing sounds, but has gone further into the direction of tight locked beats and more solidified song structures. Soft Circle's first album 'Full Bloom' was released in 2007 on Eastern Developments (run by Guillermo Scott Herren of Prefuse 73). The band now has a new album called 'Shore Obsessed' which was released last November 2010 on the label PPM (run by Dean Spunt from No Age). Soft Circle has toured with bands such as Boredoms, No Age, and High Places. Bharoocha was the musical director for the now legendary 77 BOADRUM performance, a musical composition composed by Boredoms, which involved 77 drummers playing 77 drum kits in a spiral formation at Empire Fulton Ferry State Park on July 7th, 2007.
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