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.S,Smegma Started collectively by Ju Suk Reet Meate, Cheese It Ritz, Chucko Fats, Dennis Duck, Amazon Bambi and Cheesebro. doing some of the recording and most of the video when he could be there (he was in the armed services). Started 1973 at the Adena house in Pasadena, CA. They mostly jammed and recorded at the collective households. also around were, Jerry (the President of LAFMS and the one to give smegma the "Smegma" name). Bev. Rioux, Craig and many others.

Ace Farren Ford joined in 1974 (?).

They played such infamous shows as "jerry Lewis telethon" live telecast from the Coronado High School in front of the trophy case(audio and video recordings), Dr. Id 's cable television show "the terminal timewarp hour" (id n odd prod.) From the Adena House they moved into Bub Manor where Dr.Id had "Bub Studios".

Ju Suk Reet Meate, Chucko Fats, Dr.Id, Amazon Bambi and Cheese It Ritz moved to Corvallis Oregon in fall of 1975 and then on to Portland Oregon, Where all but Chucko remained. Chucko became D.K. and helped Smegma connect with the blossoming "Punk Rock" Scene ('70's ). Where they shared the bill with "The Wipers", "The Neo-Boys", "The Fix", and "The Dead Kennedys" among others. Much of this scene was documented by Mike Lastra aka Dr.Id.

"Five years wasted/Glamour Girl/I Wear Teeth" Smegma's first full length LP (recorded 1978) , released on LAFMS. This record also has Danton Dodge and Frank Chavez aka "Gods Of The Pits". Some Singles "Flashcards, Disco Diahreah (Cheese it Ritz) and others.

"Pigs For Lepers" and "Flies like Holidays" recorded 1982 for Smegma's own "Pigface Records". "Flies like holidays" was a compilation of various Portland experemental music artists, featureing; "Possum Society", "Gourmet Dogs", "Faulty Denial Mechanism", "Smegma" "Dickensmeglee" (Featureing Lee Rockey, check out "Lee Rockey Music" DE STIJL) and others. Recorded in Smegma's basement studio and Mike Lastra's Studio (Which I remember being called Ethos Productions until he became aware someone else in the Portland area was already using that name.

1993-1996Smegma worked with TimKerr records to release, "ISM", featureing Ace Farren Ford, Lee Rockey, Arsene Zara, Samek Cosmano and John Jensen.

2003 "The Beast", DE STIJL LP/CD Hanson, Wolf Eyes/Smegma collaboration.2004 "Rumblings" CD Hanson, "30 Years of Service" Smegma with Steve Mackay, Radon CD, West coast tour with Rubber O Cement, Comets On Fire and Wolf Eyes.

2005 KRAAK festival Belgium, Les Voutes Paris with Caroliner.

2006 Metalux/Giffoni/Smegma LP LAFMS/No Fun Productions LP, Pigs For Lepers CD reisuue, Harbingersound, Smegma @ No Fun Fest, Smegma @ Subcurrent,, Smegma tour with Runzelstirn and Gurglestock brought to you by Harbingersound featureing Hototogisu, Birds of Delay, Deepkiss 720 and more.October 2006 Carlos Giffoni and Jazzkammer record with Smegma. Lee Rockey Music LP, DE STIJL (AMAZING posthumous release by Jazz giant and Smegma member Lee Rockey)2007 QBICO 57 Smegma and Perry Robinson, reissues of Smegma Lp's "Pigs For Lepers" and"Nattering Naybobs Of Negativity" CD Harbingersound.Smegma's only really bonafide tour into totally unfamiliar territory (the UK!)(Smegma had played all the cities on the Wolf Eyes 2004 in the past). Mike Lastra had the Portland premeire of his film "Northwest Passage" in northwest portland at the 21st ave. cinema(next to where many of the shows actually happened back in the day, certainly "portland punk live at the earth 10/29/79"!!!!!.), last year it premeired in Glasgow, Scotland as part of "Subcurrent"(thanks again! David!) Smegma's new LP/CD called "33 1/3" on Important records, features Victor Sparks (who is uncredited, due to my stupidity!) on "World Of Plugs" and also features Sejayno and Soup Purse (also uncredidted due to my error, please refer to" 33 1/3 blog") E

"Endless Coast CD (No Fun CD)Smegma/Jazzkammer collaboration!


2007 "the Smell Remains The Same" a compilation of singles 1989- 1995, released on Anarchy Moon LP.

September 2007 marks the biggest change in Smegma since some of the band members moved out of Pasadena to Oregon.

This site is devoted to the Smegma that is a vision of Ju Suk Reet Meate.

Past, Present and Future.

This band continues on under the Musical Supervision of Ju Suk Reet Meate.
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