Pitman, New Jersey, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Grunge / New Wave / Garage
Valiant Death
"These guys are great. No PC bullshit here. Songs like "Porno Prodigy, Dance and Vomit, and Rich Enuffz" wave their dirty needles and smelly fingers in the face of popular convention, but they do it in an offbeat and humorous sort of way. I'm reminded of such popular cult favorites as Angry Samoans, Scatterbrain, Violent Femmes, Circle Jerks, Dead Milkmen, etc. Of course, they have a fresher perspective and sound thatn those bands, but just because the perspective is fresh, doesn't mean that the taste is so fresh. There's something a little bit rotten about any band that would call their CD "Aids Parade." This is going to be an instant signal to most people about whether they will enjoy the content or not. I thought that it was great. The songs are bouncy, thrashy, fun loving, rebellious, caution-to-the-wind, instant classics. Sure, its all pretty simple and juvenile. I have no pretentions stopping me from rocking out to bathroom humor. I think that the world needs more Slobbergun!"
"Slobbergun. Unique name, unique sound. Stylistically reminiscent of old raw punk rock and grunge, and lyrically original. Obviously in the game to make a few enemies, with on edge titles like Lipstick Lesbian, and Porno Prodigy. Musical ability is less than apparent on this release, although the witty lyrics and aggressive delivery more than make up for it. All in all, this record is not a mandatory staple but may be a good bunch of songs to have around when you’re looking for a vacation from the norm."
"ETHIC Magazine"
"Slobbergun plays pop punk with a mix of new wave. From Pitman, New Jersey they seem pretty energetic when they play and like to goof around especially on the cover of their albumn "Aids Parade" where they're all dressed up and sitting in clouds. If you like pop punk with a little funny, go check them out"
"Shred Till Your Dead"
"These guys play a fast rock 'n' roll style punk that is both catchy and destructive. They combine the crazy fun rock of the Plugz with the speedy moshy-rockabilly danger of Toxic Reasons and create a monster that makes me wonder if Jones Crusher has an evil cousin out there somewhere."
"Jordan Romano and Chris Manic (Munkey Brain Fanzine)"

Slobbergun- Floyd the Barber

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Slobbergun @ The Bus Stop Part 1

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Slobbergun @ The Bus Stop Part 2

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