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PUBLISHED:  Apr 03, 2013
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00:00 - 01.Now
01:55 - 02.When The Bastards Come
04:35 - 03.Screaming Again
06:43 - 04.Warchild
09:23 - 05.Anyone But Me
11:31 - 06.Nemoj!
13:50 - 07.Dead Urban Poetry
14:57 - 08.Misery
17:43 - 09.Copycat
Tekstovi: Sizif - Nemoj!

Now! Now! Now! Help me, I'm afraid.Setting your fingers ona a trigger means nothing to me. And ig I become problem?! You got a problem... So can I say something? Now is the time. But you have to kill me... So I got no now.

Shut down, not a moment of passion! Faced down! Floor right under her knees! Light out! Out issues! She's got the world underneath her fingertips. Now she prays that they masturbate, when the bastards come. When the bastards leave, all they left is their frustration and something far beyond this. and now she wakes up screaming... Her soul lies down path of violence. Her face wears the sings of times.

Down. I hold my head. With my hands, in between my legs. My face is off. And I don't miss this at all! I'm screaming again! Don't wait for me. Don't hold me back. And if I fall back down, you won?t catch my name.

A Dreadful sight for young sre eyess, and again the taste of dust in mouth. Lead and metal is burning. These wounds don't hurt. This blood doesn't mean a thing. I am just dying! I'm running in front of my mind and again I can't wait for me. War child! I am a war child baby! This is something that can never be changed. Unlike me! It's not belive able at all, and the needle fells so good press to my skin. I'm addicted. I'm infescted with this all. So goodby and so long! I'm running in front of my mind and again I won't wait for me. War child baby!

Another race, I can't follow the pace. I'd make a deal with the Devil just to leave of this place. And I've made a grudge with Lady Fortune herself, so there is no need for this to be said, chance is on anyone but me. I'm late again for the master plan God made for everyone, well I wasn't there. So painful! So alone! And there is no one. There is nothing to hold on. I got no circle of friends. I got no money to spend. I got no one to impress but this hollow person, a shell. This empty vessel from hell... Fucking chances are on anyone but me.

06. NEMOJ!
Nemoj! Nemoj! Daj nemoj! I've been doing lots of things. Forgive this please.


Some people lie all the time, and some of them lie for nothing. I just don't know which on am I? I just don't want to be forgotten. Human nature we cary around in or blood is rotten. Good times are overrated, and bad times forgotten. Oh, Break them! Nothing... And here we go again! I'm praying for misery! You are so close to me! No understanding! You breaking my legs, it's your only chance for eternity with me.

There's a leg toe. There's an ear and a toungue. I think I'll send another missing part. 10-4. Make us stop. Make us stop before we come for more. There's always a pattern. I'll choose just one at the time. There's a familiar mark. It always leaves a sign. Lie down! 10-4. Make us stop. Make us stope before we come for more. You are all so white and I am soexcited. Let's make this easier for both of us so... Lie down!
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