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Twenty years after the release of her culturally-transformative debut solo album, "The Lion and The Cobra," the uncompromising musical artist Sinead O'Connor releases 'Theology', a new double-CD collection of vital emotionally-charged songs.

'Theology' premieres eight new songs written, or cowritten, by Sinead O'Connor: "Something Beautiful," "Out of the Depths," "33," "Dark I Am Yet Lovely," "If You Had A Vineyard," "The Glory of Jah," "Watcher of Men," and "Whomsoever Dwells" as well as three thematically-appropriate covers: Curtis Mayfield's soul-searching "We People Who Are Darker Than Blue," a ferocious interpretation of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice's "I Don't Know How To Love" (from "Jesus Christ Superstar"), and the traditional reggae spiritual "Rivers of Babylon" with new lyrics written by Sinead.

An Introduction to Theology

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" Theology is an attempt to create a place of peace in a time of war," said Sinead. "It is my own personal response to what has taken and is affecting everyone around the world since and including September 11, 2001. I want to be very clear - there is no message. No preaching. Nothing deep and meaningful the artist wants to say, nothing trouble making. I simply wanted to make a beautiful thing, out of something beautiful, which inspires me."

"As usual, O'Connor demands our attention…impassioned…glowing…she's still as relevant as she is colorful." (USA Today)

"Theology is the best record Sinead O'Connor has made for years." (The Sunday Independent)

"An exquisitely pure joy. 9/10." (Hot Press)

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Exclusive video performances from The Sugar Club, Nov, 2006 can also be viewed at Sinéads website

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