Silvano Dukhi Atma

Esine, IT
Artist / Band / Musician
Rock / Metal / Experimental
I was born in 1981. I died in 2005.

I started playing my grandfather's classic guitar, an ancient relic coming from the 40's. It survived Second World War, the hippies' years and the terrorism years. It even survived the 80's, when some supernatural forces tried to trasform it into an exagonal drum piece. But it didn't survive me. After 2 or 3 months I had to replace it, because of the heavy damages caused by my strong playing. My strong playing it as a drum. So I started playing the acoustic guitar, but after a year I found an electric guitar in my house. And I suddenly remembered that, actually, I had bought it some days before. Just to be cool. But I found out that being able to use it could be even cooler.

So I tried to learn to express myself through it. But I didn't have too much success when, in high school, during the oral tests I answered the teachers' questions with a pinched harmonic followed by a dive-bomb with the whammy bar. They didn't appreciate it.

Once I was playing my guitar when, suddenly, it fell on the floor, producing strange noises. I thought that they were very interesting and original. I thought I had discovered a new way to play this instrument. But I immediately realized that those strange noises were coming from my stereo,

which was playing a Freak Kitchen record; and from my neighbour's radio, which was transmitting a Rage against the machine song; and from my sister's stereo, since she was listening to a Steve Vai's record. And I remembered that I hadn't turned on my amplifier and that I was just pretending to play, in a evolved form of air guitaring, since there was a real guitar, but not a real guitarist!

I don't go to parties.

And I hate two-faced people. I hate them because I've got a double personality. This involves that talking to a two-faced man is like a conversation among 4 individuals. This is dangerously close to a party.

And I don't go to parties.

D-Swoon - Energy Drink - Live @ Metalcamp (Tolmin, Slovenia) 06/07/09
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