Citizen - "Silo" (Official Audio) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Aug 13, 2014
"Silo" by Citizen from the 7"/Digital "Silo," available only on the band's Fall 2014 tour with You Blew It!, Hostage Calm, True Love and Praise. Tickets available at

Purchase the digital version of the song here:


If you heal these wounds, sing me off
If you heal these wounds, sing me off
When a favor's too much to ask, an hour's come and passed
When you heal those wounds, sing me off. Sing me off.

If I can't choose, why would you?
If I could bloom, so could you.
What a sour tasting delight,
A killing in front of your eyes
When you heal your wounds, sing me off
Sing me off
Sing me off

If I hear your ghost I'm a fool
If I slit my throat, would it be to use?
Yeah I've been ashamed but I got away
I hope you heal your wounds, sing me off
Swallow me whole
Swallow me whole

If I'm still too young, brake my chains
If my shades too dark, weep in vein
If I kill you now, will I be saved?
I'll kill you now, and I'll be saved
If you heal your wounds, sing me off.

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