Shearing Pinx

Vancouver, British Columbia, Ca
Artist / Band / Musician
Nu-Jazz / Melodramatic Popular Song / Live Electronics
> ! >shearingpinx[AT] E-MAIL to order OR visit the page // NEWEST STUFF:

HOT FACE/SHEARING PINX split c20 Hot Face are a the new now wave from PDX. Total scronk with angles galore! Amazing first release from members of Syrup/ASSS and Sucks. /// SHPX give way to glacier floods and psykadelic rush. /// Ltd. 50 copies. HIGH CASTLE/SHEARING PINX split c20High Castle are from Oakland and are sure to land themselves on planet what?. This comes after an fantastic 1-sided 12" debut on Zum. This session is a strange offering of cut up jamz in sonic realms.// SHPX puke out the blow torch reckoning. //// Ltd. 50 copies. BITCHES/SHEARING PINX split c20Bitches bring the groove crunch to the max. The UK duo makes you dance laugh and cry the tears of men! Includes a gritty radio set from their breif visit to the US /// SHPX set the fire to the flames via the Nitetrotter attic. Rec on the last US tour in Chicago.//// Ltd. 50 copies

VOID WHITE LPOur latest birthing brought on by wicked change and exploration/evolutionary PINk! We are now a 2 piece, this our nouveau crime. 17 tracks all recorded by SHPX in the mouldyness & mastered by josh stevenson. 300/Black & 100/Whitesmear vinyl. Silkcreened covers ULTRA SNAKE LP (re-Press)400 - black / 100 - Yellow // 180g Wax. Nu/Old art by Andrea Lukic.

"WEAPONRY" LP (Divorce Records)Shearing Pinx's 3rd Album.Part 1. Art work by the AMAZING Rick White! Mastered by Van-City super hero Josh Stevenson. Part 2 is NIGHT DANGER LP, coming SUMMER 2010.!??!? Check out Divorce page too! ////ORDER HERE>>

RUINATOR c10 (Critiscum)Brand new scab central assault! On the new label Critiscum from Van-City. Concept EP consisting of 13 short spazzy improv tracks + a remix of sorts. Each side is 3.5minutes. /// Ltd 100 copies // We're out so contact CRITISCUM for copies! ISEULT 7" EP (b2b) Released in 2008! In honor of a great soul Iseult who passed on to another world. White and Black vinyl. Features 3 tracks (2 studio outakes and one 4track demo). Contact Broadway to Boundary for copies.we're sold out. >>>> MORE STUFF IN THE WORKS: NIGHT DANGER LP (Divorce)TALK NORMAL/SHPX split 7" (Scotch Tapes)JAZZ HUNTERS c20 (Scotch Tapes)AHNA/SHEARING PINX split 7" (Geographing)HIGH CASTLE/SHPX split c20 (INW)HOT FACE/SHPX split c20 (INW)BLOOD STAINS ACROSS B.C. 7" Comp (Mammoth Cave)
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