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Nebraska, US
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
Shoegaze / Pop / Indie
Series Two Records
Series Two is a DIY record label based in Columbus, Nebraska. Series Two started officially in February of 2006 (although the idea for the label came in March of 2002 when Christopher received inspiration from his uncle in form of Independent band CDs). The label currently works with promoting bands around the world to caring people within College, Community & International Radio Programs, MP3 blogs, CD Review Sites, & MySpace.
Series Two is credited with releasing quality independent music from USA, Scandinavia, UK, Europe, Asia, and other areas, having worked on a series of (23) multi-national compilations featuring 500+ different bands from USA, Canada, Mexico, Argentina, Peru, Costa Rica, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, United Kingdom, Taiwan, Japan, China, Australia, Indonesia, Thailand, Croatia, New Zealand, Latvia, Ireland, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Russia, France, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Finland, Brazil, Singapore, and Israel. More information about the compilations is available in the MySpace blog archive, with track lists viewable on the Series Two site.
Visitors of the official website for Series Two ( are able to free & legal download (3) mp3's from each full length release made by Series Two, among other nice songs. For these free & legal downloads click the "Sounds" section on the Series Two site. Thanks for those visiting the official site page and also for your continued support and patience.
Related information. Christopher from Series Two is also the curator and lead organizer of Nebraska Pop Festival (est. 2009), an annual mutinational music festival occuring in Omaha, Nebraska, next one will be August 2011. Thus far the Nebraska Pop Festival has featured bands/artists from Germany, Switzerland, France, Canada, Denmark, Indonesia, United Kingdom, Brazil, Italy, and (11) USA states including California, Washington, Pennsylvania, New York, Minnesota, Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Colorado; more info found about Nebraska Pop Festival by visiting
Series Two Records Catalog Info and Store is up to date as of December of 2010 ---> Series Two release purchasing Info and catalog are viewable by visiting the website . All releases can be paid for by PayPal through the "store" page located on the Series Two official site. For frequent buyers, see our 'record sale' offer.
If you'd like to get your music released on Series Two, you may e-mail Series Two for information on where to send your demo. If there are any other questions feel free to e-mail us at seriestworecords(at)gmail(dot)com - Christopher
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