Senata Fox

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Hardcore / Punk
About Senata Fox:
Senata Fox was formed in 1999. First intention was to rip off as many past and conteporary hardcore punk bands from all around the globe and add a bit of personal touch, all that with purpose of expressing anger and frustrations caused by the modern life.
Today, 8 years later, after one european tour, couple of minor line-up changes, few releases and countless shows, things still remain the same. The band is used as an outlet for all the rage, sorrow and bitterness, as well as a mean to express feelings and ideas. Senata Fox is being both serious and fun at the same time, using irony and sarcasm to provoke and tease other peoples minds. Lyrics about life, nature, relationships, politics, human and animal rights are accompanied with fast and thrashy hardcore/punk music. This nice bunch of bearded vegans and vegetarians is, or was, involved in HC/punk/independent community through various bands (Panaceja, Amok, Drotweiller, Lunar, Nikad, Razlog Za, 5 Minutes To Steve.) and activities (zines, labels, booking.).
Discography of the band includes the split tape with serbian grindcore band No Abuse (released through Good Samaritan and Libber Tea), split 7" with Unison (also from Serbia, released through Good Samaritan) as well as the split LP with croatian anarcho crust legends AK-47 (released through five different labels). A kind-of-discography CD with all previously released recordings as well as 10 new and 2 unreleased songs (total of 41 songs + 9 live video tracks) is out now on Moonlee Records.
Senata Fox is and always will be a part of the international DIY conspiracy. Word.
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