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"We are Semi Precious Weapons from New York Mother-Fucking City, and we hope you ALL GET LAID!"

It’s hard to argue with a band who expresses such an impassioned sentiment. And audiences across the country ain’t fightin’ with the raw power and electricity that pulsates throughout a Semi Precious Weapons performance. Their message is clear- music can be dangerous, dirty, and fun.

Led by one of the most charismatic vocalists in generations, the Boston Globe declares that "SPW splits the difference between AC/DC and Queen, fronted by the fabulously fierce Justin Tranter.” The visual appeal of the band, who are masterfully thrusting sex, glamour, and loving violence back into the rock & roll spotlight, is undeniable. Tranter easily dominates any stage, with crowd pleasing antics ranging from gravity defying high kicks in his custom made Stuart Weitzman heels to pouring champagne into eager mouths, all while demanding to “See some titties!” What may be more shocking then the actual live show is the bloody, sweaty, reality of the band’s achievements on their road to a major label deal. Tranter is the designer and owner of a successful jewelry company, Fetty, which he started by pounding out gun and heart necklaces in his Brooklyn loft to sell at early SPW shows. Moreover, the level of musicianship of each member of this ridiculously attractive band is by no means the studio-produced image that dominates the scene. "I mean our damn drummer has a fucking degree in classical composition and I have one in songwriting, whatever that means." states Tranter, who met drummer Dan Crean, Bassist Cole Whittle, and guitarist Stevy Pyne in Boston while attending the Berklee School of Music. "We got to NYC and it was nothing but girls pretending to be in Sex and The City, and dudes schwerking V- Necks, insisting they don't love the Strokes. So our bitch asses decided to stop complaining about New York's hipster plague and start the filthy party band we always wanted to see."

With brash lyrics like: “I can’t pay my rent, but I’m fucking gorgeous,” SPW quickly drew a loyal NYC following and were ultimately voted Best Band in NYC by the Village Voice. During the self-made uprising of their filthy glamour rock 'n roll movement, SPW asked another NYC based rock 'n roll original, Lady Gaga, to open for them. This sparked a friendship that has continued through “The Rise of Gaga” and has culminated in these two uncompromising musical artists to embark together on one of the most talked about world tours this year- “The Monster Ball”

"We spent three years driving ourselves around in a murder van to play bars EVERYWHERE, I mean we even played a sports bar in Waterloo Iowa. Now in the last 2 months we have made an incredible record that we are proud of, and are on a tour bus playing arenas all over the world with Ms. GaGa! Hard work and magic."

SPW’s album debut with rockworld producer-kingpin Jack Joseph Puig, is due out in early 2010. It will ultimately showcase the band’s unapologetic embrace of all things filthy, dangerous, and glamorous- in other words: rock & motherfucking roll.

We leave the final words to Justin, "our new record is titled "You Love You" because our not-so-secret mission is hoping that our fans will love themselves and rock 'n roll more than anything else, even me"

I can’t pay my rent but I’m fucking gorgeous – Indeed!


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