Sea Records

The North of England, UK
Record Label / Publishing / Artist Management
Psychedelic / Folk / Surf
Yes, yes we are... Sea Records.
Sea Records is everyone's favourite transpennine, do-it-yourself, independent record label. It is based in various locations across the North of England.

They put records out by Ambulance, Woman, The Static Waves, Mugstar, stink taps, Wolf People, Avenging Force, Pea Sea and The Auditors.

They will be releasing records by Red Trees, Adam Hell


C1792 - Ambulance - Witchi Tai To/Over And Out 12" (listen) (press)

C1793 - Woman - Das Hexer (listen) (press)

C1794 - The Static Waves - Blast (listen) (press)

C1795 - Ambulance - Bells & Whistles EP (press)

C1796 - Mugstar - Mugstar (listen) (press)

C1797 - Woman - Silver Wolf Dog (listen)(press)

C1799 – Avenging Force – The Avenging Force (listen)

MARBLE01 - Marble Valley - Wild Yams - Released by Indikator Rekords

MARBLE02 - Marble Valley - Slash & Laugh - Released by Indikator Rekords

MARBLE03 - Marble Valley - Super Sober EP - Tour only ep

Lifeboat Series:

LB001 - Stink Taps EP (listen)

LB002 - Wolf People EP (listen) (press)

LB003 - Pea Sea EP (listen)

LB004 - Tightrope Walkers EP - The Auditors (listen)

.which you can purchase electronically here.

Our website is or you can email us at

We also have a Myspace specifically for our Lifeboat Series.

If you want to get hold of promo copies of the things we put out because you are a DJ, a journalist or something similar, please email us at If you told us where you play records, write about records or do similar, that would be fantastic.

If you are wondering about distribution because your retail outlet cannot do without our wares, either contact us direct or ask Shellshock.

Here's the 'I Love Tokyo' video which features the Ambulance track, 'I Am Not Zen', directed by MylesInLondon.
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