Scott Matelic

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Hip Hop / Psychedelic / Other
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Buy "Party People EP" on turntablelab.

Buy the Japanese version of "Primitive Pessimist" on iTunes here.

Buy the "Invisible Superstars" compilation featuring a brand new Scott Matelic song here and at Indy CD & Vinyl in Indianapolis.


*2009- Mike 2600 - Gigolo Rhythm (Scott Matelic Remix) (from the EP Ready To Rock, Crossfaded Bacon)

*2009- Brother Reade - Impala (Scott Matelic Remix) (from the EP Drama, Crossfaded Bacon)

*2009- Party People EP (Crossfaded Bacon)

*2009- Emynd - The Club Champ (Scott Matelic's "Slam" Mix) (from the EP The Club Champ, Crossfaded Bacon)

* 2007- Thoughtless (from the Invisible Superstars compilation, The Secret Life of Sound)

* 2007- Twilight Sentinels - Smoke Screen - Scott Matelic Remix (from the EP The Album Isn't Even Out Yet)

* 2007- The Fight (from Maker's The Maker Files 45 series, Shake It Records 7")

* 2006- E. Moss - Chopin Beats and Droppin Brahms - Scott Matelic Remix (from the EP Beatboxes at Dawn, Consumers Research & Development)

* 2004- Ring Finger/Vaccine (Bully Records 7")

* 2004- Primitive Pessimist (Japanese release w/ new songs, Tri-Eight)

* 2003- Joe Harvey - Rat Race (A New Face For.)

* 2003- Sektion 31 - No Wonder remix (12" vinyl single, Oldecycle Records)

* 2002- Sage Francis - Broken Wings (from the album Personal Journals, Anticon)

* 2001- Mars Ill - Love's Not, Rap Fans, Try Again (from the album Raw Material, Tooth & Nail Records)

* 2001- Adeem - Stargazing (from the album Sweet Talking Your Brain, Syntax Records)

* 2000- Sole - Year of Da $exxx $ymbol, The Understanding (from the album Bottle of Humans, Anticon)

* 1997-99- A Grav Lab - A Grav Lab consisted of Scott Matelic and Jay McElfresh) both on production and rapping. You can hear the A Grav Lab song "Space Walkers" as a bonus track on the "Chuck D's Hip Hop Hall of Fame" DVD.

* Scott also deejays and is well known for his party rocking abilities. He has been a staple in the Indianapolis scene for years, and, depending on the event, you can expect to hear a wide variety of music including hip hop, club bangers, R&B, dancehall, funk, rock, throwbacks, psych, and/or more. Check out his 20 minute live one-take mix of 90s hip hop/pop/r&b/house at the Downtown Dons Myspace Page.
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