Jackson Scott | Skandinavian Krush (Full Episode) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Feb 03, 2014
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Songs performed:
"Any Way" - 01:12
"That Awful Sound" - 09:30
"Doctor Mad" - 14:19

Jackson Scott, the best psych-rock rookie of 2013, was actually the first person we contacted regarding the Skandinavian Krush project. He has been frequently compared to two of our favourite bands (Deerhunter and Neutral Milk Hotel), he has created one of the greatest tracks of the past year (That Awful Sound) and he was born in the same year as we were (1992). Obviously, this was a perfect match.
In this premiere episode of Skandinavian Krush, Jackson Scott talks about movie making, lyrics and a lot more. He also performs three songs from his debut album, "Melbourne".

Recorded by Theodor Wilson (camera) & Victor Lundmark (sound & interview)

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