Schneider TM

Berlin, Berlin, Ge
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Electronica / Folk
MirrorWorldMusic, City Slang, Mute (USA), Earsugar
Dirk Dresselhaus was born in 1970 in Bielefeld, Germany.
Since the late 80’s he is active in different musical fields. From 1989 until 1997 he played and sang in indie-noiserock and -pop bands like Locust Fudge or Hip Young Things (Glitterhouse Rec.) before he became more active in electronic music around 1997 with his project Schneider TM (City Slang, Mute, Earsugar), which is responsible for a couple of experimental electro-freak-pop albums and mini-hits like ‚Reality Check’ or a coverversion of a song by The Smiths called ‚The Light 3000’ (w/ Kptmichigan). Next to many one-off projects like composing and recording music for movies, theater or radioplays, he plays & records with freeform noise-projects like Angel (w/ Ilpo Väisänen of Pan sonic, Cds on Bip_Hop, Oral & Editions Mego) and Mr. Schmuck’s Farm (w/ Hildur Gudnadottir of Lost In Hildurness / Mum etc., Oral Rec.) on a regular basis. Due to the brilliant economical situation in the music industry, Dirk Dresselhaus and Michael Beckett started their own indielabel MirrorWorldMusic in 2007.

Click on images bellow to prelisten to and get a hold of 320kbit hi-res mp3s single tracks, full albums and more information in general via MirrorWorldMusic. Follow the appropriate links to get the physical formats.

Goldstein Variationen 3 Redux (2008) is a collaborartion with the legendary Station 17. 12 inch vinyl with download discount coupon available thru 17Rec

Schneider TM und Lustfaust 7" (2007) is the first release on Schneider and kptmichigans very own MirrorWorldMusic. Physical and digital distribution via MirrorWorldMusic.

Skoda Mluvit (2006) is the latest Schneider TM album. Physical format available via City Slang.

Reconfigures (2004) features remixes of acts such as Lambchop, The Faint et al by Schneider. Physical format was released via Earsugar. Please note that there are only selected single tracks available from this album.

Zoomer (2002) is the second regular full length album. Physical format available via City Slang.

Binokular (2000) is a split mini album with kptmichigan . Contains that Smiths cover version and is available via City Slang.

Moist (1998) is the first regular full length album. Physical format available via City Slang.
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