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SEATTLE, Washington, US
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Indie / Pop
Minty Fresh
Sarah Shannon here. Some of you might remember me as the lead singer of the semi-lauded indie-pop darlings Velocity Girl. I can't seem to stop singing. I tried. Physically impossible. I made a solo record a few years back that people seemed to like. Some were surprised by the u-turn I took from the sound of VG. I can't say it was intentional, those songs just seemed to boil up and out of me. I have a new record, City Morning Song, out now on Minty Fresh. I can't tell you how happy I am to be on this label. They are supreme facilitators of superior music and I am honored to be added to their ranks. I'm still interested in old school pop song writing (Carole King, Carly Simon, Burt B., Smokey R., Randy Newman etc.) and making pretty noises with my throat. My newest continues along the lines of the first but with (I hope) stronger songwriting and a more optimistic outlook. My current hero is RUFUS WAINWRIGHT. I'm a sick puppy when it comes to this man. I have listened to Poses so many times that I imagine big broadway production numbers with each of the songs (set, costumes, choreography, I'm not kidding).

I have put together a band here in Seattle after taking a very long haitus from playing live.

They are an extremely talented bunch and playing with them is a great joy. It is no easy feat to get me feeling confident, comfortable and (yes indeed!) joyful if front of an audience but these guys have done just that.

Come see for yourself.

Sarah Shannon

City Morning Song

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Sarah Shannon Summer '07 East Coast Tour:
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