Audrey Hepburn, Sarah Brightman - Moon River (RaLCS, by DcsabaS, 2000) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Dec 29, 2011
"RaLCS" stands for "Record and Live Combined Stereo", which means that on the left side you can see and hear a studio recording (or clip), while on the right side a live performance. This format is great to discover interesting differencies!
Regarding the current video, on the left you can see and hear Audrey Hepburn in the movie: Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961), while on the right Sarah Brightman (from 2000), with some tricks: Because Sarah sings about a quart higher, I had to tune down her voice substantially (roughly 3/4), and even some tempo adjustment was necessary in order to obtain properly fused music. I think the result is at least interesting (actually, I love it), if not touching...
I put up also the lyrics, hope you'll like it.
Audrey's film version:
Sarah's live version:
Sarah's studio version:
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