Bobby Sandal

small town, East Flanders, BE
Artist / Band / Musician
Indie / Americana / Folk
Dental Records
Ever since his frigid girlfriend cheated on him with half a boy scout formation, Bobby Sandal tried to translate his sexually frustrated life into sing-a-long compositions. Not knowing how to deal with his complex emotions he started - what else?- a life of heavy drinking and smoking, drowning his youth, family and responsibilities. In search of new sexual kicks, he only discovered gay-erotic gangbangs in the heart of the dark Flemish forests, outrageous sessions of making love with pregnant lesbians, a renewed obsessesive craving for motherly affection and teeny weeny things with teeny weeny children.

But Bobby isn't all that bad.

Recently, Bobby has been washing away his sins.

There's a great girl in his life, he has a great house, a great guitar, a great cat and a great backing band.

Yeah. Bobby will be all right.

(taken from Dental Studios Magazine, january 2006)

IN LOVE WITH A BOY (Exclusive footage)




QUOTES ABOUT BOBBY SANDAL: wrote: " He may never be taken seriously (he has no record label, from what I can tell, and his songs are only available on his web site), but he won me over, and he got me to thinking. about "teenage brain surgery" and "gay sex in the park and girls with vaginal disease . he beat Tenacious D at Tenacious D's own game."

www.cmondisplay wrote: "If you havent heard of Bobby Sandal (and no, you most certainly havent), hes a guy from Mechelen (a city in Belgium roughly between Brussels and Antwerp) who sings sappy, ironic alt-country songs in English. Surprisingly, his lyrics are really sophisticated for a non-native English speaker (although the music itself is just campy). And hes not culturally insensitive or stupid. I dont think he's ever actually released an album, but everyone should check his web site and his music (WARNING: MUSIC TALKS ABOUT ORAL SEX AND DISEASED VAGINAS AND OTHER THINGS THAT ARE TOO FUN FOR THE KIDDIES)." wrote :" Met een nóg hoger entertainmentgehalte gezegend, was support act Bobby Sandals. Niet verwonderlijk toen bleek dat de man zowaar een eigen cabaretshow aan het voorbereiden is. Ook muzikaal was dit voor even best onderhoudend, met een handvol aan Bonnie Prince Billie-verwante songs waarin een boompje werd opgezet over hoe je een vrouw optimaal kan verwennen en diets meer. Met deze handleiding op zak kon de ontluikende nacht niet beter beginnen. "

Le Bjarne Riss Ensemble wrote: "Bob Dylan, Will Oldham, Devendra Banhart, Coco Rosie Bobby Sandal !!! "

Anything else.? Bobby Sandal likes to receive a lot of mail, posted by pretty, clever and music-minded girls and boys.

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