Sally Jaye

LOS ANGELES, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Americana / Folk Rock / Roots Music
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In August of 2006, Georgia born and raised singer/songwriter Sally Jaye stepped into Elliott Smith's former studio to commence recording on her new record. The room previously housed the final sessions of Smith (where he had hand-picked all of the gear), along with past productions of Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, The Elected, Jonathan Rice and had recently welcomed members of Maroon 5 and Rilo Kiley. Sally Jaye recruited her producer friend Will Golden (Ian Ball {Gomez}, Michelle Branch, Joe Purdy, Meiko) to helm the sessions, along with Grammy nominated engineer/mixer Mike Terry (The Eagles, Foo Fighters) to round out the crew. After 10 days of solid recording the foundation for the newly dubbed Amarillo sessions was set.

No matter that much of Sally Jaye's debut album, "Amarillo," was composed in a Hollywood apartment on a thrift-store piano. You can hear a lot of the South running through it, along with the likes of songwriting heroes such as Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith and Patty Griffin. Oh, and emotion. You can hear that too. - LA Times

Raised on the music and songwriting of Emmylou Harris, Nanci Griffith, Loretta Lynn, and Willie Nelson, and inspired by Bruce Springsteen and Ryan Adams, the songs on Amarillo tell stories of Sally Jaye's life growing up in Lawrenceville, Georgia, the movement towards Los Angeles, and the spaces inbetween. Characters such as carnies and cotton ginners appear in her songs; the local junkyard and summer evenings on the porch; and late night drives alone across Texas are peppered throughout.

Singer-songwriter Sally Jaye’s new album “Amarillo” is sweet validation of the old saw that if nothing else, tough times can at least breed good songs: The disc brims with evocative, neatly observed stories clearly drawn from life, all set to graceful melodies and hooks that stick with you. It’s a hard-hewn gem mined from Jaye’s own personal trials — and stories from her mother’s journal. - Pasadena Weekly

After a prodding from Will Golden and Mike Terry to finish what had commenced earlier last year, Sally stepped into New Monkey Studio in January of 2007, for what would be the final days of recording and mixing; summoning such local music luminaries as Brian Wright, Meiko, Leroy Powell, and Kyler England. When all was said and done, Amarillo was born in just 16 days of recording, but a lifetime's worth of imagery.

Sentimental without being trite, at times bittersweet but never self-pitying, there is a familiar warmth to the album that ensures it remains enjoyable and accessible throughout. Fans of Lucinda Williams and Emmylou Harris will feel right at home, and it is testament to Sally Jaye's exceptional songwriting and storytelling that 'Amarillo' sits comfortably alongside these veteran's recent work. - Insomnia Cafe

Three-time Grammy winner Gavin Lurrsen (Oh Brother Where Art Thou ~ SD, Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, etc.) heard the final mixes, just after completing Lucinda Williams' new record, West, and asked to master Amarillo. A finer choice could not have been made.

The set up for the release has grown organically, with numerous local appearances at the Hotel Café and other venues, supporting Patty Griffin, and Indie 103.1 airplay and college radio flagship KCRW. Sally Jaye has recently toured nationally with Brian Wright & the Waco Tragedies and singer/songwriter, Meiko.

In additional to touring and recording, Sally Jaye has written songs for various film and television projects including an end credit title, "Grateful," for the film "If Only," starring Jennifer Love Hewitt and Tom Wilkinson, recorded at Abbey Road Studio with the London Symphony Orchestra.

There are songs that quiet your heart, make you feel, and stop the confusion enough for the healing. John Prine and Loretta Lynn write those kind of songs.with a tumbler of Jack in her hand, sings right to the quick like those masters. She was made for that stage, with a voice to fit—country with three or four chords and the truth. She makes it look easy, but she finds the place in the chest that hasn't beat for awhile. - Mailbu Arts Review

Junkyard - Sally Jaye

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