Salim Nourallah

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Indie / Pop
tapete records, western vinyl, paisley pop

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i was born in alton, illinois. eldest child of fayez and karen. my mom was an art major, dad an accountant. opposites attract and then raise dysfunctional children. my brother faris was born just 18 months after me. he plays music too. in 1970 our family moved to el paso, i was just 3. our names were strange and to the general amusement of other kids i wore big glasses. they made fun of me alot. boohoo.when i was 9 i saw the beatles white album in k-mart. i got my grandmother to buy it for me. it changed my life. when i was 16 i started writing songs. brother faris was the only one who believed they were worth a crap. faris started playing drums. i played guitar. F sold his car for a drumkit then moved to guitar. i moved to bass. then we moved to denton, texas. we hated denton. the nourallah brothers made our self-titled debut in 1999 on an 8-track recorder then quit playing music together. faris has released several solo cds since then. i've had 4 full-length solo cds come out since 2004: polaroid (2004); beautiful noise (2005); snowing in my heart (2007) and constellation (2009) plus the a way to your heart ep (2004), live at pleasantry lane (2007) and ciphers from snowing (2008). i also have a wife (jayme), son (gavin - age 6) and daughter (miette - 4 months). they are the most important people in my life.
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