Sadistik - Mourning Glory (Prod. by Eric G.) - Video
PUBLISHED:  Jan 13, 2016
Sadistik - Salo Sessions EP (2016)
Welcoming the new year with 6 songs on the Salo Sessions EP. Available for free download now on SoundCloud and featuring verses from Nacho Picasso, Mr. MFN EXquire, and Nemo Achida. Production by Eric G, Kid Called Computer, and more. Photography by Corwin Prescott.



[Verse 1]

All these animals & peasants chase their capital investments,
Vested interests I'm disinterested my patterns show obsession,
An attic full of questions with no answers for the standards,
Just synapses lapses, passages, suggestions, past is present,
Man I hate the summer, so I stay inside days are numbered,
They only trace the lines, my skies rain & thunder,
Deface each other, rape & plunder, bases covered,
On the basis that I'm basic, based in basins I'm too drained to slumber,
I save the numbers of my dead friends it makes me wonder,
Why it strangely comforts, my brains asunder,
Under suns I've been taken under, made a hunter,
Undertaken where the bugs & aphids clutter,
Handshakes feel like cable jumpers,
I taste the sunburns but the tongue is rarely accurate,
Compare the avarice to mine and I can't bare the wrath of it,
I'm out of it but passionate, past a fist is a pacifist,
A satirist Jonathan Swift, mental paralysis,
I'm harlequin, walking dead, coughing phlegm no oxygen,
Generation Y am I supposed to do it talk to them,
I lost my innocence, drifted into the distance,
Went from different to indifferent, get sickened by this existence,
Mourning Glory…

I feel strangled by the chain that my father used to wear,
It dangles by my heart it was the cross that he would bear,
Every time I think of him I always go to reach for it
‘Cause it reminds me of the sacred bond that we would share
Before the costs I'd inherit, the talks that I'd cherish,
The loss of a parent made the loss more apparent,
I'm lost in apparent paradox I can't escape or see,
Between faith & grief, pain & ease, they made me pray and
Place my knees on cinder blocks, break my teeth, and lick the scars
Make me eat this bitter heart ’til the taste gets sweet,
I don't chase my drinks these days,
I hate to sound cliche but it's cliche to say I hate to sound cliche,
I may be breaking out these chains today,
I'm finally free, amiss in this abyss I guess I'm spiraling,
It's standard stuff, flashing floods, that's my blood you're siphoning,
A side of me's beside itself for anchoring in hell,
But I can't see the light I need to save me from myself
It's Mourning Glory

[Verse 2]

I got these bars in my head like I'm Phinneas Gage,
This Gauge is on empty so gimme some space,
Spaced out from the memories that didn't erase,
Rays pound all around me kissing my face,
Face down, down on my luck, lust for the crown,
Crown in my cup, coupled amounts, mountains erupt,
Ruptures I count, count-downs downtrodden
Trot around downtowns til I drown in a bottle, like
And now I'm reading Walden,
Walled-in like I'm sleeping in a coffin,
Coughin' while I'm breathing in the toxins,
Talk sins when I'm needing to absolve them,
Themselves, set sail, cel-set,
Hellbent, inhale, tell sins,
Send tales of the tailspins
Tip scales, scale-skinned when the trail ends.


She called me blue flower, more like morning-glory
My port is storming every time she tries to ford it for me
They’re always warring on the inside
There’s morning-glory on the inside

[Bridge: Zoe Wick]

Can’t hurry the morning light
I tried with all my might
I’m hanging upside-down
Facing to the ground
’Til I bring back the fire

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