Rule 22

Chicago, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Punk / Ska
DIY With a little help from our friends
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Rule 22 is a punk trio from Chicago, around since 2001. Their sound is parallel to the melodic 90's punk, full of speed and diversity. They've done multiple tours coast to coast in the U.S. and Canada. Released four full length albums, two splits and two E.P's). The band has played over 400 shows, and supported tour dates for Rancid, The Lawrence Arms, Cobra Skulls, The Flatliners, MxPx, Swingin Utters, A Wilhelm Scream, The Germs and countless others.
"an aggressive blend of hardcore, punk, and ska was like a breath of fresh air. The
best way to describe their sound would be as a combination of Strike Anywhere,
the Suicide Machines, No Trigger and Chicago rockers Love and Squalor.
Everything about this band seemed to work together in punk rock harmony. While
there were only three of them on stage, they had the intensity of eight. As their set
went on, I found myself just being more and more overwhelmed by this group.
Their playing had the tightness of a band that has been writing music together for many years. I could not believe that these guys are not signed because they have ten times the talent and passion of many punk bands I've heard in recent times."

"Lifestyles of the Poor & Fameless" 2007
"Soundtrack to the End of the World" 2006
"Food for Thought" 2003
"Same Old Stuff" 2001
"Almost Emo" 2001
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