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TRANSATLANTIC, Uppsala län, Sw
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I was born in Uppsala, Sweden, on September 5, 1956, and started my career in the late 60's playing bass in local rock bands, covers of Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Beatles and King Crimson. The psychedelic era really made an impression on me and groups like The Doors, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Vanilla Fudge, Procol Harum and the Beatles "Magical Mystery." era was the new exciting world of music.My first real bass was a 1966 Fender Mustang and my first real amp was a VOX AC 30 .(wish I had that one still)

I switched to guitar in 73 and in the brief sojourn with Allman Brothers-influenced "Orexis". I got my first electric guitar,a Hagstoem "Swede" and I played a blackface Fender Bassman amp with JBL cabinet . I started to understand my compositional abilities and at this time I felt a strong urge to become a part of the professional music scene but didn't know how to get there.
In the summer of 74 I became the guitarist in KAIPA, a hard-working, professional, progressive rock band with daily rehearsals. It was a magical experience for a 17-year old musician. I traded the "Swede" for a lovely cherry Gibson ES 335 and the Bassman for a Fender Twin Reverb combo .The group made three successful albums on the DECCA label and was busy touring more than 100 gigs a year, including national TV and radio performances in Scandinavia. These KAIPA albums are now reissued worldwide and are often regarded as the premier Scandinavian symphonic rock albums of the 'seventies.
In 1979 I left KAIPA to form my own group FANTASIA and made two albums, of which the first is reissued on CD on the Swedish label MNW Records. The group split up in 1983 after releasing a more commercial-sounding album on Warner Records in 1982. I then started working as a session musician, arranger and producer learning all the mysteries of the studio .
In the late 80's I started up my own publishing and recording label - Foxtrot Music - and was also involved in various projects including live performances and recording sessions with other artists and my style drifted away from symphonic rock towards more traditional rock, funk, pop, folk, blues and jazz. In my own "Stolt" project, on CD release "The Lonely Heartbeat" 1989, the sound is a mix of pop and complex melodic rock.
I played and recorded with many different artists during the 80's: Rebecka Törnqvist, Anders Widmark, Dana Dragomir, Zia, Moni, Åsa Jinder, Wennman. I became the father of two sons, Johan Sebastian and Peter Gabriel, named after two of my all-time musical mentors.
The 90's saw the rebirth of progressive rock and time was right for a revisit. I released the CD "The Flower King" in mid-August of 94. It was an album that tried to unleash the forces of good in the negative, violent, aggressive, competitive music business of today. Reinstate the old hippie ideals, lyrically and musically.

Between 1994 and 1999 The Flower Kings records were released on my own label "Foxtrot Music" but in 1999 TFK signed to German label "Inside Out Music". At that time I was keeping myself busy with numerous sideprojects around the world like "TransAtlantic" alongside Mike Portnoy, Neal Morse & Pete Trewavas.

plus the reunion of Swedish progrockers "KAIPA", my 70's band.
Another one is Andy Tillisons highly acclaimed "Tangent" CD featuring "Van Der Graaf Generator" saxman David Jackson and the obscure "Flying Food Circus" project led by avant garde percussionist Hasse Bruniusson.
The Flowerkings have now grown into a international prog rock act and business of
medium size,touring every year in USA and Europe in the club and small theater size venues.
It's a great thing to be able to play your own music and make a living out of it,to tour with these wonderfully gifted musician friends called TFK, what a privilegie.
I have a zillion projects in the pipelines as usual.
If you have a great talent or some interesting recorded music or a project that you think would interest me,or simply want my guitar on your recorded work ,don't hesitate to contact me- if time is right there's a chance I can play on it .
However if you have a band you think I should hear,think twice,I have very little time and cannot listen,review or comment every single band that think they're the next big thing in prog .
So only serious offers please . (no spam)

Check out The FLOWERKINGS at:
Beginning of 2009 saw a fun new project of mine together with singer extravagant NAD SYLVAN - AGENTS OF MERCY - new album was out on March 5th 2009.

And here I am Live with Agents Of Mercy - at Loreley Festival 2009 -Photo : Freek Wolf:

There are 2 new albums in the works,first one is a double CD compilation of 27 songs,
remixed/reworked by Roine Stolt for release on June 25th .

Next one coming up fall 2007 was the FLOWERKINGS studio album called "THE SUM OF NO EVIL" for release on Inside Out on September 29th .
You will dig !!!
Check us out at iTunes too,all of our catalogue and related solo material is there

JET guitars is in the process of building two custom worldclass stage guitars for me,one regular and one lapsteel (prototype) on legs, here you can view the first stages,see two guitars being born. I'll update as we go along.
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