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currently: Ascetic Records/Modern City Records
Jason Farrell started getting known for his work (songwriting/graphic design) while in the legendary hardcore band Swiz and moved on to form the more melodic DC based Bluetip after Swiz's demise. Like Swiz, Bluetip recorded and toured their asses off and finally broke up after many years of hard work. Following a move to NYC and a brief absence from recording/touring, Jason took up with his 'ole pal and one time Bluetip drummer Joe Gorelick (drummer of Garden Variety/The 52-X/King Missile) and the two formed the duo RETISONIC in late 2002. After recording and releasing their debut EP, the duo became trio with the addition of their mutual friend/bassist Jim Kimball (The Lovescene/J.Majesty) and off to Europe they went.

Since 2002, Retisonic has toured all over the world twice, playing with everyone from Fugazi to The Bled, put out a well received EP (Lean Beat), a full length LP (Return to Me) and a series of 7"' and CD compilation tracks. RETISONIC is still currently working on a rather large new LP, playing spotty shows, and like Pavement did through the 90's, flying from coast to coast to survive as a band. Yes, more shows and records are in their future.

Here's a video for K-16, a song off of our full length "Return to Me"
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