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Rejuvenate is a NYHC band that has been around since 1991. Right when there was practically no local hardcore scene except for the bands who were signed to major labels, & smaller scenes like the bands who played ABC No Rio. Rejuvenate was formed to try to bring NY hardcore back to where it was.

Rejuvenate consisted of ex members of warzone, psychos, trip 6, yuppicide, sfa, cfa, darkside nyc. First we started playing a traditional old school NYHC sound but started adding newer elements as well as keeeping older ones in our songs.

Rejuvenate played shows with the likes of AF, Madball, SOIA, Cro-Mags, Murphys Law, VOD, Warzone, H2O, Skarhead, Merauder, Cold as Life, Life of Agony, Sheer Terror, Darkside NYC, 25 ta Life, Bulldoze, many others. Records CDs got released on the defunct Free Spirit Records, & the evil Lost & Found, as well as a bunch of different comps.

After a 7 year absence Rejuvenate has made it's return on March 26th, 2005 playing the Superbowl of Hardcore in Brooklyn.

So far Rejuvenate got alot accomplished in its return/comeback/reunion/etc, got signed to a deal with Dead Serious records, and completed a 5-week european tour to get back home and live to tell about it.

For the record the only reasons we are doing a reunion is because for the past 7 years is for the people have been busting our chops about it. Instead of sitting around and talking about it we decided to do it. We know thre are people out there who give a shit. We were looking at doing local shows, have practices at least once a week, not do anything to stress ourselves out. Play shows, have a good time and not deal with scumbag promoters. Suddenly other shows, record deal, tour, etc all fell onto our laps and it all went downhill from there.

There is talks of Rejuvenate doing one more NYC show before retiring gracefully, the band has been taken far as it can be taken. So far there is no further info on this. One thing about this band it never ever made an official announcement to call it quits. Currently Tommy Rat is doing This Means War, whether Rejuvneate will return, never say never in this business. Yes I called it a business. Thank you to all our supporters, you know who you are.

If you want to get ahold of any CDs, LPs, EPs please go to our Music page
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