Esma Redzepova

Artist / Band / Musician
Esma, a Gipsy from the city of Skopje, as she calls herself, raised by the late Stevo Teodosievski, revolving the world and broadening the acquaintance of Macedonia and Skopje, last year celebrated 40 years undeniably prolific work. According her achieved acknowledges and successes, she is, indeed the most successful performer of all times. Further more, going deeper into her intimate, private life we become aware that she is our second Mother Teresa.

Namely, Esma not having the luck of being a natural mother, she brought up 5 children in her own house, and other 47 are proud the say that Esma is their mother and father. Nowadays, each year, giving concerts around the world, which have never been noticeable in our media; in complete anonymity she raises money for her armaments, educating them, above all providing them blissful and normal life. Never have knocked on state institutional doors, years from now, Esma, lives and works like a benevolent institution being for much replacement for the society. Even her monograph and her web page are sponsored by her own means and again it is not for sale but only given away as a present.

Esma lives in democracy, accepting the trade market even in the culture and being a great worker and quality, nothing ever is unconquerable. It is beyond doubts, that she is completely civil and intellectually orientated person, suffering a great soreness in her soul not only because of her husband’s earlier departure from this world but also because living in a society that has a huge trouble understanding magnanimities like her and finding a way to reimburse at least with a crumb of love. Perhaps it is understandable why Esma held her hands upon Vasil Tupurkovski when he stated, “We are all Macedonia”!, finding a bit of hope that after all something is going to be changed.

Author: Darko Markovic

-Esma's album "Queen of the Gypsies" has been selected in the group of the best 20 albums by the "World Music" selection

-In the world over 15.000 concerts held, well above 2000 concerts given as humanitarian aid,

-586 works on records, cassettes and CD’s of which 2 are palatine, 8 golden and 8 silver records,

-short documentary film ”Sing Macedonia” (1968)

-eight hour video material recorded for MTV,

-"20 November" award together with Stevo Teodosievski,

-Golden and Silver Medallion from Josip Broz Tito for accomplishments in the culture in the SFRJ and in the world

-Queen of Gipsy music in the whole world (1976),

-UNICEF award (Belgrade, Yugoslavia)

-"13 November" award

-Primadonna of the European Singing 1995 (the only one as a folklore singer)

-more than 2000 gratitude’s for humanitarian activities,

-Golden Medallion “Millennium Singer” in Moscow (among other 83 countries),

-sings on 20 languages,

-raised and educated 47 children which are now prominent citizens and artists in the country and abroad,

-supported by Gypsy World Organisation, Macedonian and World LIONS Organisation, fifty non-governmental humanitarian institutions in the field of culture, art, stage and feminine organisations in Macedonia and the Balkan countries supporting the peace, humanity tolerance and interethnic relations ignorant to the national, ethnical, and religious differences, has nominated Esma one of the candidates for the Nobel Prize for Peace for year 2002


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