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Even though the Rednose photos show only the two Amsterdam Beat wizards Aardvarck & Steven De Peven, Rednose Distrik is much more. To count Its members is impossible because everybody is invited - bums, nomads, singers, street musicians, fishermen, dancers, kids, academics with no ankles, nuns and seemingly normal people. Their primary objective in this?

To cultivate the Idiot - It's as loose and as beautiful as that.

Founding father steven De Peven, also a vital part of PIPS:Lab, is regarded as one of the maestros of the akai MPC 2000 sampler, while cohort and local legend Aardvarck is a well respected techno producer (check out the already classic Cult Copy). A super prolific beatmaker, Aardvarck is known for abstract soundscapes, early rave, broken beat and his club smacking techno. Together as Rednose Distrikt they produce a marvel of contemporary psychedelic sound that already sounds like the 'next' album.

The first Rednose Distrikt album, ' Iller Dan Je Ouders' was on Kindred Spirits in 2003 by Steven De Peven & Kid Sublime. The Kid stepped out after 'Iller' to concentrate on his blooming solo career and long time collaborator Aardvarck cartwheeled in as full time co-producer.

So that brings us to the 2nd and much anticipated release 'Poes' which was formulated with very little stress from the KS label - leaving the producers to find their own way naturally with the time and freedom to collaborate with whoever they bumped into. This 21 track masterpiece can be seen as a kind of compilation of Rednose over the last four years featuring a hand picked group of genius souls that somehow share a not altogether understood, understanding. Each reflects the Rednose vibe hene yjese are truly 'collaborations'. The artists were given real creative freedom- and you can hear it! featured guests include: Benny Sings (cohort on "Euh" Benny Sings Rednose), U-gene, Deborah Jordan ( Silhouette Brown), Mocky ( their Berlin based soul Brother), Harco pront, Rafaela Herbert, Overlast, and La Melodia.

Even the album title and artwork of 'Poes' (Dutch for pussycat)is part of that inside out Rednose universe where as Steven explains it " we live in a world full of fundamental contradictions, they make life so beautiful. The dog and the 'poes' is an example of this.''

The unique and fun album art is a freaked collaboration between Amsterdam's Top designers Para and Machine and we love it!

Look out for Rednose Distrikt 'on the road' with friends, in the not distant future with their big bold trademark bounce, thump and heavy rhythms.

(taken from KS020 Rednose Distrikt Release sheet)


"nana" EP feat. Stefan Zmit (zuco 103)

HumHum records (vinyl 12)

Year 2001

"Hoor 's" EP

Hum Hum records (vinyl 12)

Year 2002

"N.Y.Boom" + Domu remixes

Rush Hour Recordings RH009 (Vinyl 12)

Year 2002

"Crazy about your Woman" feat. Rafaela Herbert

Rush Hour Recordings RH-LTD 003 (vinyl 12)  

Year 2003?

"Rock Your Rednose Well In The Distrikt" (feat. Parra e.a)

De records van Rockwell (vinyl LP)

Year 2003


Rush Hour Recordings RH-LTD 002 (vinyl 12)

Year 2003


Rush Hour Recordings RH-LTD 003 (vinyl 12)

Year 2003

"Gotta Make A Move feat. Alma Horton + DJ Spinna remixes

Kindred Spirits KS 001 (Vinyl)

Year 2003

"Iller Dan Je Ouders" ALBUM

Kindred Spirits KS 001 (CD/Vinyl)

Year 2003

"Scallymatic Orchestra /Autumn Forest Song"

MFP collective Rednose distrikt Remix

Flying high records 01 (vinyl 12)

Year 2003

"NY Boom" (Moonstar remixes)

Rush Hour Recordings RH-LTD006 (vinyl 12)

Year 2004

"Komt dr an/Cinnaman/O.boogie EP

Drie keer raden records

Rednose remixes

Year 2004

"D'ran D'ran D'ran" feat. Parra

Rockwell records (vinyl 12)

Year 2004

"Take - Colossal vol.2"

Highways Circles & Squares 2 lane Highways

rednose remixes

Year 2004

"Paiva and the singing saw" -Orfeu Negra

Rednose Remix/ seiji RMX

Sunshine records (vinyl 12)

Year 2004

"Denk Ik"

Kinnus Boeckoff Records KBR 001 (Vinyl EP)

Year 2005

"Album Sampler Rushhour mixed series vol.1" feat.Jneiro Jarel

Mocky, Parra artwork

Rushhour sampler (vinyl 12)

Year 2005

"Red knows"

Rushhour mixed series vol.1 CD

Rednose DJ mix

Year 2005

"Hedde gij n' nieuwe jurk?"

Rockwell records (Vinyl LP)

Year 2005

"Metro Sampler"/line 1

Rednose Dikke kop/dikke kut

Faces Records

Year 2005

"Keepintime 12 series No. 3"

Rednose remixes

(vinyl 12)

"EUH" feat. Benny sings ALBUM

DOX records DOX022 (vinyl/cd)

Year 2006

"POES" ALBUM feat. various artists

Kindred Spirits KS020 (CD/vinyl)

Year 2007

"Poes" (I.N.T. Remixes)

Kindred spirits KS020-12B

white label promo (vinyl 12)

Year 2007

"08 BAR Vol. 2"

Rednosedistrikt remixes Daf daf

(vinyl 12)

Year 2007

"Technose Distrikt vol.1"

Rushhour records TND001(vinyl 12)

Year 2008
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