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One due out on Tzadik
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keep dreaming and sparks flying. (photo of an installation by andrea bullock. beautiful photo by someone named Tania!)


I grew up on an exit from the Lincoln Tunnel, west side, New York City; an industrial place and the drug block for concerts at Madison Square Garden. Childhood was a strange mix of getting by in a rough NYC neighborhood by day, juxtaposed with my parents quest to seek out the work of many very counter-cultural, eccentric artists on the fringes of society by night.

I feel lucky to have sat as a child at the feet of rebels like John Cage and Patti Smith, Meredith Monk and Richard Foreman, Larry Miller, Geoff Hendricks and Alison Knowles (fluxus artists), Allen Ginsburg and William S. Burroughs and many of the beats at the Poetry Project, Steve Reich and Philip Glass, Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman, as they performed. I myself have performed with many different kinds of avant-garde artists as well, since childhood (My father Peter Moore had a dayjob to support the family but outside of that, gave all his energy towards photographing artists and documenting their work. He passed away in 1993, and left behind an archive of over half a million negatives; pictures of a New York that doesn't exist anymore.) Even though I often do very simple kinds of melodic songwriting, I have deep roots in experimental realms.

OTHER INTERESTS AND PURSUITS: community/human rights activist, animal rights activist and vegan (i love all animals), trained in soldering and lost-wax carving; love gardeners, arundhati roy, victor jara, john stewart and michael moore; love WBAI, Jane Goodall, the Post Punk Kitchen, Gene Bauer and Farm Sanctuary, love the Woodstock Farm Animal Sanctuary, The Animal Liberation Front, Picture the Homeless, the work of The Rural Studio, the live-animation sculptures of Gregory Barsamian, the art of Andy Goldsworthy, The Brooklyn Museum; am really handy with a screw gun, obsessed with fireflies, hoping to take a course in architecture and engineering.

For more information: best friend Deirdre made that site and took all the photos).

Also, music can be found at

Click for HOME WRECKORDINGS(2nd and favorite CD. I played all the instruments; self-recorded in living room) and


(first cd. Theater-style songs from a surrealist musical, performed on the Lower East Side in 1994 featuring actors, puppets, recycled materials, a lot of inanimate objects moved by magnets, and a real tesla coil which unfortunately blew out the power in the theater. Disclaimer: my voice is very different on this cd; these are the first songs I ever wrote.)

These cd's are now also available via iTunes:



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