Raw Fusion

Stockholm, Stockholms län, SE
Artist / Band / Musician
Nu-Jazz / Hip Hop / Soul
Raw Fusion Recordings
Off Beat @ Raw Fusion Club 27/2!

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With over 50 records released, Raw Fusion Recordings founder and CEO, "Mad" Mats Karlsson continues to rule the Swedish underground club music scene. Artists such as Freddie Cruger aka Red Astaire (SWE) Spiritual South (UK), Simbad (UK/FR), Future Beat Investigators (FI) and Povo (DK), keep granting the label life as Raw Fusion releases some of the greatest tunes to come out the studios of these artists.

The brainchild of Raw Fusion, Mad Mats, started his path into the future by the way of DJ'ing after leaving his successful days of break dancing behind (Swedish champ 1985!). Over years Mats became one of the most well known DJ's to come out of Sweden, touring the world with his diverse musical selection. After many years of continuously discovering new sounds and connecting with fresh inspirations, Raw Fusion was born as the start of a new era.

The Raw Fusion trademark started out as a monthly club night founded by Mats in boogie down Stockholm back in 1996. The premier night was an instant hit and the Raw Fusion Club still to this day attracts a large dedicated audience and has reached cult status within the Stockholm club scene. Since 2002 the musical vision of Mats has grown into a prosperous recording label, dedicated to spreading the future of black dance music across the globe. And in 2003 Mad Mats created a sub label to Raw Fusion Recordings. It was called Jugglin' Records (named after the Ragga Twins underground hit tune with the same name!) and was intended to have a much more urban sound than the mother label had had so far. After only 10 releases, the label was taken out of commission and was rejoined with Raw Fusion Recordings, which now is limitless to genre and musical styles.

The musical roots of Raw Fusion Recordings rest on a steady foundation based on black music of the underground club scene. Genres like soulful house, cutting edge hip-hop, electronic funk, raw street-soul, dance floor jazz, rough latin and deep Detroit techno boogie are represented. Since day one the catalogue has consisted of various artists who all represent a raw, innovative, urban, street feel, which signifies the music that we love, live and breathe.

"In everything we do, quality and musical integrity have since day one been our main goal. We're a music company, not a corporation!" - Mad Mats


"When I go shopping, the first (and sometimes only, when I'm crunched for time) labels I check for are Raw Fusion & Jugglin. That whole swedish crew must be eating some hearty soul and latin food, cuz they shitting out some fucking amazing records consistently!!!" - Bobbito

"I really love the label as a whole, and I always ask for their joints at the stores when I'm digging. I wish there were more American labels that were as adventurous as these guys." - Rich Medina (Kindred Spirits)

"Well, what can i say. Fantastic forward thinking music in a quality package from one of the best labels in the world. Loving the scandinavian vibes for sure and definately big in my box and already igniting any dancefloor where i play. More of this music please. Note to other pretend labels: watch Raw Fusion and see how it should be done." - Charlie Dark (Attica Blues)

".fighting musical mediocrity takes balls. Y'all got big ones!" - Garth Trinidad (KCRW/Chocolate City)

Send us your demo:

Raw Fusion Recordings is always interested in new and original sounds. So for those of you that want us to have a listen at your material, please do not send us messages about it on Myspace. Instead, email us your tracks to info@rawfusionrec.com and remember to make sure that the tracks you send are encoded with a minimum of 320kbps!

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