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Ras Pidow (1931-2001) is considered one of the first supporters of the Rastafari movement, and is hailed as "the Recognised Elder of the Rainbow Throne of the Nyahbinghi Theocratic Order".

In the 50s and 60s Rastafari were considered outcasts in Jamaican society and are still reviled by the upper classes. Ras Pidow's lifelong loyalty to the teachings of Rastafari resulted in him joining a group of Rastafarians on a mission to "spread the word of Jah", that resulted in an acclaimed appearance in 1989 at the Smithsonian Institute. Throughout the late 80s and early 90s the group toured the USA, which included a celebrated performance at the Smithsonian's National Folk Festival where Pidow was the prominent performer. Bongo Shep, Ras Marcus, Ras Headful, Ras Tawny, Ras Bigga and Sista Bubbles, who performed collectively as the Rastafari Elders, accompanied him.

Born 1931 in Kingston, Jamaica, Ras Pidow was one of the first in the movement of Rastafari. Although scorned and reviled by society for praising His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I as the almighty, growing the locks of the head as the holy covenant and using the ganja plant as a spiritual sacrament, Ras Pidow has endured as a living testament that good must conquer evil and love must be the law that governs humanity.

As a recognized elder of the Haile Selassie I Nyahbinghi Order Theocracy Reign, Ras Pidow and fellow elders through the power of His Imperial Majesty and the assistance of the Smithsonian Institution made pilgrimage to America in 1989; their mission was to spread the truth of Rastafari and to universally expand peace, love, and overstanding.

After travelling nationally and performing at the Smithsonian's National Folk Festival, the elders recieved positive response from the people and the press, including The Washington Post .

In 1991 the elders recorded an album entitled Rastafari Elders (RAS records). This collection of holy chants, Nyahbinghi drumming and upfull reasonings, was Ras Pidow's first recording. The album earned internation acclaim for its powerful and uplifting vibrations.

The Centenary Year of His Imperial Majesty, 1992 yielded Modern Antique

(RAS records), Ras PIdow's solo debut, the album recieved praise from public and press as well, including The Beat , the most popular magazine in the realm of reggae music. Modern Antique is the revelation of the fullness of Ras Pidow as storyteller, dub poet, teacher and priest. Combining the ancient Nyahbinghi drums, word, sound, and power with the contemporary riddims of roots reggae (provide by the legendary Roots Radics), it is a glimpse into the 'Ancient Future', a place where new and old are united as one. Ras Pidow addresses wickedness and injustice in "Apartheid", global misdirection in "Whole World Wrong", and pays tribute to the mother of mankind - "Afrika".

In the summer of '92 Ras Pidow toured the east coast with D.C.'s Soul Defenders which was highlighted at the Africare benefit concert for Somalia in Washington.

Thru out the years, Ras Pidow has made special appearances with Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning including a stop at New York City's Wetlands, On July 4th Ras Pidow and brethren made a showing at the NORML smokeout, a concert for the legalization of Marijuana. "If herb is a crime then God is a criminal" chanted Ras Pidow to the blazing lickshots of the Nyahbinghi drums before the enthusiastic crowd of supporters.

Ras Pidow couldn't sit still. After performing with Burning Spear, the Itals, Culture, and appearing on television and radio interviews across the country, the Ras was always ready to bring his message of hope, salvation, and truth to the people. With the backing of his own driving dub band, the music is modern. "My goal is to bring forth togetherness worldwide through poem, word, and song. Love, joy, and happiness as children of one father. Yes, reality. Reality, redemption, and Love to the world."

Ras Pidow continued to spread the message of Rastafari world-wide,

changing people's lives wherever he went. Ras Pidow left his body, passed on from this world on March 20, 2001. His Lion Spirit continues to uplift and enlighten souls everywhere.









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