Randy Coleman

Los Angeles, California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Acoustic / Rock / Pop
Great way to start 2009 - the song is featured over the last three minutes of the episode!
Randy Coleman is a singer, songwriter, guitarist. His songs touch on life’s everyday struggles and victories — built around meticulous angles and soaring melodies. Think of Freddie Mercury, Otis Redding, and Jeff Buckley holding court in a mutual admiration round table — that’s the range encompassing the music of Randy Coleman.
Since hearing his first Beatles song, Randy has worked tirelessly to refine his singing and songwriting. He started a band called Zoo Story, whose debut album came out via Universal Music Group; opened for Def Leppard; and cut a track for the soundtrack inspired by the Academy Award-winning film “Crash.” Each highlight in Randy’s career has been a stepping stone to self-discovery, time-honored traditions and a proper accord of his work.
His songs are aural sketches — spun and fueled by a burning passion; inspired and molded through personal experiences, chance encounters, observation and spontaneous reaction. There are no preconceived notions, no premeditated maneuvers. “Sometimes, I’ll start writing and words start coming out,” Randy says. “That kind of tells me what the song is about.”
Randy returns to the erratic escapades of relationships again and again. “I confess,” Randy says,� “I’m a hopeless romantic.”
While his unique style, presence and delivery are amply positioned to appeal to modern rock fans, Randy listens to tons of older music for stimulation. “I’ve been getting into Elvis’ first record, which is an amazing album. I was also recently turned on to Shirley Bassey by my dad (actor Dabney Coleman). And an old-school singer named Turley Richards, one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever heard.” Randy is an assiduous student of singing, which explains the timbre of his own voice. It’s one of those rare, inimitable high-pitched tenors that anyone within earshot will stop, turn and want more of. It speaks and tugs and reminds us of how truly powerful and pure music can be.
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