Random Conflict

Birmingham, Midlands, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Metal / Hardcore / 2-step
Glasstone Records
Tomorrow Brings Giants is an understanding; an organic reflection of real life experiences delivered by musicians whose priority is to deliver a song, not just a collection of meaningless riffs. It's been so long since a metal band have emerged that aren't just heavy for heaviness' sake. Tomorrow Brings Giants' music is only heavy because the lyrical content is heavy, graceful because the content is graceful or woeful because again, that is what the lyrics demand the music to express.
Encapsulating elements from across the whole musical spectrum whilst injecting the passion and raw emotion that is sadly lacking from much of today's music, Tomorrow Brings Giants deliver a sound that is heavy yet relevant.
The self-released debut Ep "A Fraction" is out now on iTunes and all other good digital download stores, with a new release expected Summer 2011.
E-mail: tomorrowbringsgiants@hotmail.com
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