Rambo AmAdeus

Artist / Band / Musician
Jazz / Nu-Jazz / Trip Hop
Rambo Amadeus, conceptual artist, composer, poet and performer, is one of the most prominent cult figures on the ex-Yugoslav music scene. Real musical maverick, he manages to stay clear from usual "radio friendly" music, often using it for parody.

Self proclaimed World Mega Emperor (Svjetski Mega Car) is famous for his wacky jazz-funk, twisted lyrics and unpredictable live acts packed with brutal satire sometimes bordering on stand-up commedy.

His unusual proactive political correctness during the turmoil of the 90's has earned him equal respect on all sides of the conflict.

Antonije Pusic (his real name) currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia and his native Montenegro.

Studio albums
* 1988 - O tugo jesenja (Oh Autumn Sorrow), PGP RTB
* 1989 - Hocemo gusle (We Want Gusle) , PGP RTB
* 1991 - Psihološko-propagandni komplet M-91 (Psychological Propaganda Set M-91), PGP RTB
* 1995 - Muzika za decu (Music for Children), B92
* 1996 - Mikroorganizmi (Microorganisms), Komuna
* 1997 - Titanic, Komuna
* 1998 - Metropolis B (tour-de-force), B92* 2000 - Don't happy be worry, Metropolis (Released as Cobane vrati se (Shepherd, Come Back) in Slovenia and Croatia by Dallas Records)
* 2005 - Oprem dobro, B92
* 2008 - Hipišizik metafizik, PGP RTS
Live albums
* 1993 - Kurac, Picka, Govno, Sisa (Dick, Cunt, Shit, Tit), Gema & DE
* 1998 - R.A. u KUD France Prešern, Vinilmania
* 2004 - Bolje jedno vruce pivo nego cetri ladna (One Warm Beer is Better than Four Cold Ones), Metropolis
* 1994 - Izabrana dela (Selected Works), PGP RTS
* 1998 - Zbrana dela 1 (Selected Works 1), Vinilmania
* 1998 - Zbrana dela 2 (Selected Works 2), Vinilmania
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