Ralph Carney

Artist / Band / Musician
Black Metal / Comedy / Southern Rock
birdman, black beauty
I am a multi-instumentalist,but mainly a sax and clarinet guy.i mess around s, lap steel, uke, and ethnic do- dads, was born in Akron Ohio in da 1950's.i have been playing professionaly since 1978 when my first band "Tin Huey" got a record deal with Warner brothers. I have since recorded and toured with "the B52's,Tom Waits" was in the Tom Waits "in concert" film "BIG TIME" and I have done countless recording sessions over the years with Oranj Symphonette,Jonathan Richman,Danny Cohen, Jim White, Victoria Williams, Galaxie 500, Elvis Costello,Chuck Prophet,Penelope Houston,Marc Ribot, Swollen Monkeys, "Carney,Hild,Kramer", Daeved Allen,Allen Ginsburg, Kathy Acker,Clarinet thing,Steve Yerkey,Tipsy, William Buroughs.I am on the new "Harry Smith Project" box set and the upcoming Tom Waits "Orphans" box setalthough I didn't get no money from them!!! and countless others.(i will fill them in later) I have 3 solo records out, "Ralph Sounds" "I like you(a-lot)" and "this is Ralph Carney!" my current band'"Carneyball Johnson"HAS A NEW C.D.!! it is now available at C.D.BABY.COM p.s. yes, I am Patrick Carney's(the Black Keys) uncle!!!! I just recorded some tracks with them in Ohio, the record will be out in April of 2008.also, 2 spoken word recordings that I composed and played all the music, "the Stauffenberg cycle" readings by Ira Cohen music by me and "Really Creeley" readings by the late Robert Creeley with music by me, are available for downloading at 10 bucks a pop @ www.parisrecords.net.I jut recorded and did a live film score with Black Francis, for the silent film"Der Golem" the record and maybe a dvd of the movie and score, will most likely be out sometime in 2008!!. I have a wonderful wife and daughter and live in a groovy neighborhood in S.F. life is good!!

also,until we have the paypal thing going on our website"carneyballjohnson.com" you can write to us at "cbjinfo@akroncracker.com" and you can buy one there.
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