Port Talbot, Wales, UK
Artist / Band / Musician
Hello! My name is Rach! I am from South Wales in Ye olde Great Britain . I am a solo guitarist who has been playing for roughly 5 years now. I was inspired to play guitar bywell.looking through the argos catalog, then a small, classical guitar appeared on the next page, it was unusual, and i wanted it! So i nagged for it. I got it at christmas time, started having lessons, but never really started to play properly until my guitar teacher introduced me to JOE SATRIANI (GOD) and thats when it all started. After seeing various dvd's of him live i had my first ibanez electric guitar at about 14 years old or was it 15hhmoh well, cant remember! I started to knuckle down perfecting my techniques such as tapping, legato, sweep pickingyou know .basically shred :P But i do know i have a LOT more to learn. I plan on being a professional guitarist and go on to teach it.

One thing to notethe Tracks.!. These are not professionaly recorded as i am cheap and cant afford a tidy recorder thingy, so excuse the crap quality of them! =D .annnnnndddd. the first track is purely by improvisation (and yes, i do need to control my speed =) ) and the backing track to go with it is not mine :)

Anyway, if you wish to comment, feel free i need as much advice as i can get.but if you critise , please be nice lol =)

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