Copenhagen, DK
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Hip Hop / R&B / Pop
Warner Chappel (Contact: Lars Sjelle)
Biography :

Providers are Rasmus Stabell and Jeppe Federspiel ,two old friends, who after several years of playing drums started this urban producer/Co-writing team. Their mutual musical skills enables them to master most instruments, and the variety of their musical backgrounds shows heavily in their music. Making music should be fun, and this is the main feeling you get when you enter the Providers Studio. Their unique sense for making heavy groovy beats combined with traditional songwriting leaves a trail of co-writes/productions with top Danish and international artist like :

Burhan G (BMG) Outlandish (BMG) L.O.C (EMI) Ataf Khawaja (ArtPeople) Baya. Szhirley (OompaRec'z) Majid (EMI) Charlie Sachs (19management) Kenisha Pratt, Sadie Ama, Shola Ama, Katy Shotter, Ella James, Trinity Stone, Nio, Darren Martyn, Andy Roda, Remee, Terri Bjerre, Vincens, Jay Sean and many more.

Providers has produced rap artist Ataf Khawajas debut album which is nominated "best hip hop album"/"best new-commer" at the 2006 Danish Music Awards.

Providers has produced the new smash single "du gør mig" from danish rap superstar "L.O.C" new album "Cassiopeia"(GOLD/PLATINUM) (also nominated "best hip hop album"). Providers has also produced the song "nuttin left to do" from BMG artists Outlandish new album "Closer than veins" (GOLD) and several tracks for rap artist Bayas forthcoming album.

Discography :

Kuku: Produced the track "Last chance" on his album Closure 2008

Medina: Producer of " Kun for mig"(Gold/Platinum), 1'st single from her forthcoming album out 2009

Szhirley : Produced two songs on her new album : "Gl. Kongevej" (Gold/Platinum) & "Ingen vej udenom" out 2008

Medina: Producer/Writer and Label of the album "Tæt på" out 2007

L.O.C: Produced/Composed the hit single "Du gør mig" from the album Cassiopeia (Gold/Platinum) 2006

Outlandish: Produced/Composed "Nothing else to do" from the album Closer than veins (Gold) 2006 - Remix of "I only ask of god" 2006

Ataf Khawaja: Produced/co-Written the entire album "Paraderne nede" 2005

Ayak (UK): Produced/Composed "Mash up" 2005

Burhan G: Produced/co-Written "Take U home" from the album Playground 2004 - "Sick (unreleased)"

Majid: Produced/Composed "My Struggle" from the album Life,Knowledge,Poetry 2004 - Remix of "What we are" 2005

Christian Mendoza: Produced/Co-Written "She makes me sing" "It¨s all about you" 2004

Baya: Produced/co-Written "Fire now" "And they say" "Move back" Album unreleased.


PROVIDERS are currently working on :

Female singer Medinas 2nd album (TBA)

Ataf Khawajas 2nd album + various co-writes.

JEPPE FEDERSPIEL is besides Providers working on :

Powderdust : "TBA" album out 2008 (Pop/Electronica)

RASMUS STABELL is besides Providers working on a solo Electronic project and different Remixes

As you can see Providers are mainly working in the Pop/RnB/HipHop genre, but we are also very interrested in other genres such as Rock & Electronic.

We are expanding:)

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