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DeShaun Holton, professionally known as "PROOF," is a vital member of D12 and is Eminem's crucial right-hand man, who often coordinates the stage shows and also assists with the completion of set lists for Eminem's solo performances. Proof /Big Proof /Derty Harry is an astounding freestyle artist and winner of the 1999 Freestyling competition deeming him one of Detroit's most recognized and respected wordsmiths.

Proof is the only member of D12 to appear in Eminem's groundbreaking film 8 Mile, he appears as Lil' Tic, an MC extraordinaire, in the beginning and briefly in the end of the film, however, Mekhi Phifer's character "Future" portrays Proof's real-life persona and the development of what would become a loyal and vital relationship between Proof and Eminem. Proof's success in not solely founded in his affiliation with Eminem. He was certainly flourishing before he first rose to national prominence as a part of the D12 posse. Proof, Detroit's most notorious MC and previous host of the emcee battles at Maurice Malone's Hip Hop Shop would meet the rapper who later rose to the top of the hip hop scene and became known to the world as Slim Shady/Eminem/Marshall Mathers.

"We all knew each other growing up in Detroit," Proof remembers. Proof pushed Eminem to battle. This created the street buzz that was crucial to their future and secured a record deal with the prominent producer/artist Dr. Dre's Aftermath/Interscope records. Eminem refused to travel the miles of success alone though, the relationship that developed between Proof, Eminem, Bizarre, Kon Artis, Kuniva, and Swift/Swifty McVay laid the foundation for D12, and their multi-platinum album Devil's Night (which sold 4 million copies worldwide), spawned the controversial single "Purple Pills," and was released on Eminem's Shady Records/Interscope label in 2002, followed by their second multi-platinum album World released in 2004. Proof candidly stated, "forget about the word real, D12 keeps it right."

In 2005 Proof ventured out to create his own record label, Iron Fist Records, and release his first solo CD "Searching for Jerry Garcia," due in stores worldwide August 9, 2005 - the 10thyear Anniversary of Jerry Garcia's death. The strong artist roster on his upcoming CD includes such world-renowned rappers as Method Man, Nate Dogg, Eminem, 50 Cent, Obie Trice, MC Breed, and of course members of D12. Proof named the album after the former Grateful Dead front man because he observed uniqueness within a universal quality to express freedom and commonality juxtaposed with the ills that led to Garcia's demise. Proof cleverly notes, "Despite his genius, Jerry Garcia died from drugs, stress, and poor diet. At one time or another we all struggle through one of those things, so in a way, we all have a little Jerry Garcia in us." The album's scrupulous amalgamation of hard-core hip hop, reckless rock, and thoughtful jazz with live instruments lays bare his soul and undeniable skill. "I want to show that you can talk about more than one thing in hip hop. Rapping about cars and your Rolex is played out," says the MC. "You can be different and still be successful." For this, he exists as living Proof.

Searching For Jerry Garcia, the debut solo album from multi-platinum D12 member Proof, will be in stores August 9th. The much anticipated album features many top guests including 50 Cent, B-Real (Cypress Hill), Method Man, Nate Dogg, MC Breed, T-3 (Slum Village) and fellow Shady Records label mates Eminem, D12 & Obie Trice. Inspired by Jerry Garcia, the lead singer of The Greatful Dead, Proof says he's a huge fan, not only as an artist but as a "genius" who suffered and died from character flaws common to all people. "He played every kind of music -- he had jazz albums, classical albums, he went against the grain," Proof said. "He didn't care about the record sales . I mean, his shows outsold his record sales. That almost don't make sense to me."

1st Video single off the album, "Gurls Wit Da Boom".

Album in stores now!
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