Los Angeles, US
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Metal / Industrial / Hardcore
13th Planet Records
Every time Prong was ignored by the mainstream (whilst revered through the underground) or ripped off by lesser musicians – Prong just got harder, stronger and more pissed off. Spurning the masses while breaking new ground has become a way of life for Prong, a mantra. From the no-frills ferocity of early releases 'Primitive Origins' and 'Force Fed' to the classic heaviness of 'Beg To Differ' and 'Prove You Wrong' to the genre-bending originality of 'Cleansing' and 'Rude Awakening', Prong's history is a lessen in musical evolution without compromises.

After returning from a hiatus, Tommy Victor once again found his footing with 'Scorpio Rising' and '100% Live'. Prong, (Tommy, now paired with Monte Pittman and Aaron Rossi) signed to Al Jourgensen's (of Ministry fame) indie imprint, 13th Planet Records. 2007 marked the release of Power of The Damager, Prong's best album in a long career, and the perfect album for a new era of Prong. A marriage of anger and determination, PotD is a skull-splitting barrage of metal mayhem and mastery in its truest form. The true power of this album is that it's real. No silly contrived bullshit here; it's genuine and raw.

As Prong set about for a 30-city European tour, 13th Planet Records releases Power of The Damn MiXXXer on May 12th, 2009 - a brutally orchestrated remix album that's guaranteed to kick your ass again - only harder. Prong is refreshingly fierce in an era of mediocrity. Artists ranging from Rob Caggiano (Anthrax), Virus (Dope), DJ? Acucrack, to Professional Murder Music pay homage to Tommy V. with their own balls to the wall treatments of 'Damager'.

Upon Prong's return from Europe in the late summer, the band will head to Jourgensen's compound to record the next chapter in the Prong legacy, this time with Jourgensen in the producer's seat. The results of which are scheduled to see the light of day in early 2010.

With Prong, what you hear is what you get. No extras, no bullshit. Just pure and undiluted brutal metal drilling itself into your mind, and scarring you for life. Got it?

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