Staten Island, New York, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Hip Hop
A born and raised Brooklynite, Projectz iz one of da nicest and versatile m.c.s in a long while. Growing up in da Fort Green Projects of Brooklyn N.Y. he learned at an early age, u either take or get tooken. Being 100% Puerto Rican and proud of it he knows dat u gotta be nice in spitting b-cuz aint many Boriquas in da game dats worth listening 2, and u got a whole nation waiting 2 be carried 2 da promise land. 7 years in prison iz wat made him da man he iz 2day. " I dont mean 2 sound cocky, but im da nicest cat i know. If i can move a maximum security prison yard of 2000 murderers, theives and drug dealers, i know i got something special, b-cuz these people dont care 4 nothing, so 2 be loved and respected throughout da prison system in N.Y., i know da streets r gonna love me." A member of Porboy entertainment, he has recorded colabos with Mental (his Tiano brother from the Bronx) Dunce,(Vegas) Cylable,(Utah) Joaquin,(San Diego) Jutbox,(Fresno) Presso,(Fresno) and Producers Xtreme,(Da Bronx) Sage(N.Y. N.Y.) Da Left(L.A.) Force Field Music (Utah) 2 name a few, but his true love of music iz never more evident than when he works with Mr George(, log on). A proud father and family man Projectz knows wats trully important in life. "Not money not power or respect, wats even more important than all dat iz Love. LOVE IZ LOVE. Peace

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