VönBastard - "God's Project" [OFFICIAL TRACK] - Video
PUBLISHED:  Apr 16, 2014
"God's Project" from the album; "Rotting City".
Available on December 2013. Distributed by Sade Records. Mexican Hardcore/Punk Rock.

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Music: Steve // Lyrics: Fabio.

Feeling tired of the way always walked
and start to drift without overcharge
Can you see yourself in the thin blood line?
Can you jump too far to get in the other side?

Civilization end comes too fast.
No one remember that we are guests in this life,
no one remember the things we can't be.
God's project failed since the very begin.

Feeling tired of the struggles of life
looking with shame at your family's eyes
putting the gun at your mouth and say:
"Is my way out, thanks for never cared..."

God is the shine of the sword.
God is the edge of the guillotine blade.
God is the point of the bullet.
God is the axe, the neutron bomb.

Shot the trigger and blow up your head.
Fucking the ideas of go out and make
a beautiful life, joyful and plenty.
Everything changed by virgins and saints.

Don't wanna stay in society anymore
proud of their vices, feeling no remorse.
A society that sees normal judge and rape,
a brainsick society enslaved by machines.

Well, I sit on the roof of my city house
looking humanity making shit itself,
laughing of god's project of mankind.
Behold the spirit get corrupted.

But don't blame me, I didn't create.
You and your lord push the button, my dear
to turn to dust everything that lives.
My work is just to clean the remains.

And everyone comes to my home
praying Jesus Christ to stop the void.
Virgin Mary! Deliver us from the end!
You all have fail, my name is Lucifer.

Holy wars, drug wars, all is the same.
Just another motive to reach "purity"
A way to clean lower class of the map,
a screen called "brotherhood of man".

"since the end of the World War II
there's not a day without a slaughter.
Africa, South East and Middle Asia, Latin America;
this is the face of the third world ...and there's not a day."

Corporation is selling tasty lies,
the congregations of powers stop
the human's rise.
We have forget that
we depend on ourselves.
We prefer intoxicate,
pillage and waste.

When we think we can stop this?
Fill a greedy tank of bones and flesh
Fill the desire of total genocide
Must we obey that non-faced God?

War is NOT Peace.
Freedom is NOT Slavery.
Ignorance is NOT Strength.
God's project failed since it begins!!!

God is the shine of the sword.
God is the edge of the guillotine blade.
God is the point of the bullet.
God is the axe.
God is the bombs.
God will must burn in hell...
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