Dawn of Defiance - The Obscure Awakening (Re-Release) - 2009 - The Ungod Command - Video
PUBLISHED:  Oct 05, 2013
Dawn Of Defiance
The Obscure Awakening (Re-Release) - 2009

The Ungod Command
Music & Lyrics: Diego Sendra

Was the final dawn of the end of times
Skies were raining death for the judgement day

And it's haunting me, painfull memories
Of the death I've seen, all the blood spilled
In vain !

Carnage, torture, death
The madness of war killing it all
Bloodlust, vengeance, rage
The killing of life, the end of mankind

I've seen blood painting the skies in red
You could feel the pain so intense in your flesh
Nuclear storm filling the air with death
I've seen hell owning the earth with hate

Was the end of all in the war of wars
As the winds waved death in the dawn of hell

And the seas were dried
And the skies were blood
And the screams of death
As the whole mankind passed by

I've seen death, life's denial
Unleashed the fire from the fury of hell
Massive death in endless torment
The mankind murderer
The ungod command

Dawn Of Defiance is:
Diego Sendra (Guitars/vocals, Bass, Drums programming)

Copyright (c) 2005-2013, Diego Sendra
All rights reserved
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