Primordial Undermind

Vienna, Au
Artist / Band / Musician
Experimental / Rock / Psychedelic
Strange Attractors, Emperor Jones, Camera Obscura
always available for live performances in Europe, and beyond. Booking through Zoltanish
Eric Arn on his own and with Tempel Solaire
More, more, more PU: LastFM, Soundcloud, AllMusic Guide, Facebook,,
used bargains, a nice fan discography and the links below.
selected material artifacts:::
¤¤ Last Worldly Bond LP/download (SAAH061) Strange Attractors on sale now! ¤¤
¤ 'God, Waking Up' on Smooth Sounds: various artists play the future hits of Wckr Spgt - Shrimper 20th Anniversary Comp 2xCD/Cass (SHR161) Shrimper (July, 2010)
¤ Magic Carpathians (with Eric Arn): Acousmatic Psychogeography CD (WFR 028) World Flag Records (2010)
¤ Magic Carpathians (with Eric Arn): Gharana CD-r, limited edition (RW 106) Reverb Worship (2010)
¤ Magic Carpathians (with Eric Arn): Sopatowiec Session, a film by Waldemar Czechowski DVD (WFE 021) World Flag Records (2008)
¤ Eric & Vanessa Arn: y/y, Live in Vienna 1/18/07 CD-r (THS-HM02) The Lotus Sound (2007)
¤ Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn: What is here for? LP (ASP05) A Silent Place (2007)
¤ Loss of Affect CD (SAAH044) Strange Attractors & LP (SGLP39) September Gurls (2006)
¤ Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn/the Moglass: Snake-Tongued, Swallow-tailed CD (ns28) Nexsound (2005)
¤ 'Non servium' on Hall of Mirrors 2XCD comp (EJ69), Emperor Jones (2005)
¤ Thin Shells of Revolution CD (EJ58), Emperor Jones (2003)
¤ 'Evestrum' on Tryptaphonic Mind Explosion CD comp (MR011), Mandragora Records (2002)
¤ Beings of Game P-U CD (CAM046), Camera Obscura (2001)
¤ Universe I've Got CD (CAM032), Camera Obscura (1999)
¤ 'Not an Atom' on Terrastock All Access CD comp (POTCD2), Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine (1997)
¤ You and Me and the Continuum CD/LP (CAM007), Camera Obscura (1997)
¤ Ache 7" (PEN-023), Penultimate (1995)
¤ Yet More Wonders of the Invisible World LP/CD (SGCD7), September Gurls (1994)
¤ And All Tall Monsters Stand cassette (SHR043), Shrimper (1993)
¤ Aenesthetic Revelations 7" (ID074507R), Dionysus Records (1993)
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