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This explanation's been a long time coming, I know. I started making jokes about Powerspace "falling off the face of the planet" over a year ago! So here:

A lot has changed in the last year, and the unfortunate result is that Powerspace is no longer a band. We've had to make some heartbreaking decisions and like any breakup, it's a complicated and private matter.

I set out to write a tl;dr version for anyone that might care to hear more than the standard band breakup letter--thanks for the memories, thanks for the support, that sorta thing--but I'm realizing that there's not much else I can say. Nothing new and interesting, anyway. It's true that Powerspace is no more--the name and everything that it signified. And yeah, like I'm sure Tom said elsewhere on the internet, we really are thankful for the memories and the support--it's a shame that things like this always come off as trite and insincere, that I can't think of a word that packs more of a punch than "thankful"--but we are, from the bottom of our hearts. The cliches turn out to be true, one by one--that we couldn't have done it without you, that we wouldn't have wanted to anyway if it weren't for you, that most of our memories from the last three years were built on your kindness and generosity and that sorta thing. That you were with us through it all, when we were (it has to be admitted) clumsy, inexperienced chumps. That you bought our tacky t-shirts (and snap bracelets, of course) so we could put enough gas in the van to get to the next city. That you were, in a lot of very subtle ways, wiser than us--again, something that sounds unbearably cheesy, but trust me, I'm thinking about the Kevin that used to have short hair and that tiny gray hoodie and the first of maybe 25 beanies that I lost on tour, and I've changed so much in just three years, and most of those three years were spent around you. Seeing all of the states for the first time (having only previously visited, what, like two states?), going to Canada, going to Japan. in short, taking what amounts to a three-year dream vacation (with less frequent showers, maybe) with your best buds--and all because of you. So thank you, a thousand times.

That being said, this isn't -quite- the teary-eyed goodbye I might've made it out to sound. Throughout all of its iterations, there was a lot of talent in Powerspace--prime stuff, really, which I feel like I'm in a privileged position to say, for some reason (my talents don't really extend past drumming, but one thing I'm -really- good at is respecting and even revering my fellow bandmates--don't tell them I said that). Powerspace as everyone knows it is 100% gone, and speaking about it in the past tense is still a very new thing for me, but for these guys to give up music entirely would be a crime. And they're not, and I'm not, and that's about all I can say. So keep tabs.

But again, and most importantly, thank you. If I kept rambling on, it'd just be a recap of all those cheesy things I said up there, so I'll just say the two words again and hope that, by virtue of repetition, you'll believe me this time: thank you! We wish you all the best and hope that we see you all again, in one way or another.

~ Kevin Kane and Powerspace
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