Port O'Brien

California, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Folk / Acoustic / Indie
City Slang (EUR)Dew Process (Aus/NZ)&(JPN)
"Stuck on a Boat" directed by Joey Izzo on Super 8.

"In Vino Veritas" directed by Joey Izzo on Super 8.

"I Woke Up Today" directed by Blake Behnam.

".it's clear why Johnny Marr is touting the Californian throng as his new favourite band. We've developed a bit of a crush."


".charmingly rendered and, as in the wigout "Pigeonhold," teeming with joyous abandon a la the Arcade Fire." 4/5 stars


"It not only captures the considerable force of their live shows, but shows how much this band has grown in a very short period of time."

Pitchfork Media

"Fisherman's Son captures the bleak beauty of the frozen wilderness. If it inspires music like this, they shouldn't give up their day jobs just yet."

-Q Magazine

."everything has come into focus for Port O'Brien, and they have retained their heavy swaying beauty even in this light. You know when you watch old TV shows on new "cleaned up" DVD editions, and you can start to see all the flaws really clearly, and you think "man, just put the 'syndicated re-run' filter on this."? Well, that's not happening with Port O'Brien, they clean up wonderfully. They've gone from curiosity to wonder."

-Said the Gramophone

"Port O'Brien crafts beautiful, melodic tunes that utilize string instruments to their fullest. And the group is not afraid to rock out: "Pigeonhold" has it grinding down on guitars and "I Woke Up Today" revels in an Arcade Fire-style energy."

-Billboard Magazine

"Think of the way a really good late-party singalong sounds in your drunken, echoing head: a little sleepy, loosey-goosey with the timing, but ecstatic, brilliant, meaningful, epic. Even sober and by the cruel light of day, that's the sound of Port O'Brien."

-SF Weekly

the "band":


Also, visit the THE PORT O'BRIEN BLOG for updated news, photos, and video

the "management":

christian stavros littleoperation@gmail.com

north america "booking":

jackie nalpant @ paradigm jackie@mpartists.com

europe and beyond "booking":

rob challice @ coda rob@codaagency.com

"press" inquiries for the u.s.a.:

dana erickson @ 2:30 dana@230publicity.com

"press" inquiries for the u.k.:

anna mears @ dog day press anna@dogdaypress.com
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