Porter Hall Tennessee

East Nashville, Tennessee, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Southern Rock / Country / Punk
Sheridan Records
Where would country music be without songs about booze, tattoos, gasoline, God, the devil, one-way streets, broken cars, broken hearts, and broken bones? Somewhere between the grit of X and the dusty road poetry of Merle Haggard stands Porter Hall Tennessee, all whiskey swagger and eyes shooting daggers.

"Porter Hall Tennessee has raw energy not unlike ,the early days of punk music, because when you get down to it, punk is country music for suburban teenagers, and country is punk for rural oldsters. But they have the same values: rawness, truth, intensity of expression. Anyway, PHT is so damn good!"(-NY Press)

"It becomes quickly apparent that Conley herself is quite a find, with a stone country delivery and an endearing vocal catch that comes off like a mutant hybrid of Lucinda Williams and Tammy Wynette."(-Billboard Magazine)

"The most welcome aspect about Porter Hall, TN, at least in a live setting, is their rough edge. They're a long way from being timid, self-conscious alt.country waifs."(-Austin Chronicle)

"Well there was George & Tammy, there was Conway & Loretta, heck there was John Doe & Exene, and now there's y'all. The decline of western civilization continues!" -Rick Alan Carpenter

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