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NEW YORK, New York, US
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Take the sounds of one of America’s most renowned harp heroes , combine a musical backbone made up of blues-tinged blends of bass percussion and incorporate the fresh beats of a jazzy mix-master and the result is the John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic.
The John Popper Project, or JPP, is made up of a groundbreaking collaboration that is spawned from the same groove-pop, roots-rock gene pool as Dave Matthews, John Mayer and Ben Harper. While the nucleus was formed in 2003 by a fateful union in San Francisco between John Popper and DJ Logic, the John Popper Project lineup is rounded out by Blues Traveler bassist Tad Kinchla and Mosaic drummer Marcus Bleecker, both of whom contribute equally to the songwriting alongside Popper and Kibler.
In 2006 , the foursome broke away from their cozy environments and produced a self-titled debut album for Relix Records , touted by Billboard Magazine as “One of the most captivating rock albums of the year.” The John Popper Project featuring DJ Logic, introduces 13 blues-tinged rock tunes that in concert may spread out into spontaneous improvisations, but in the studio have the snap of compact, well-structured pop. The JPP album highlights include the dexterous soloing and rapid-fire delivery of Popper’s lighthearted lyrics, Logic’s wistful turntable coloring, and the rhythm section of Bleecker and Kinchla’s musical mutations, all of which introduce deep groove and rock n’ roll textures within a foundation of pop sounds.
The organic offering of the John Popper Project has proved to be enjoyed by fans of Blues Traveler and DJ Logic, with new additions making their way into the fold. Though Blues Traveler and DJ Logic are both currently out on a nation-wide tours ( BT are promoting an upcoming acoustic album and DJ Logic is criss-crossing the nation working solo gigs) the chemistry with-in the members of the John Popper Project ultimately always leads the guys to take time out to play a few gigs together.
DJ Logic comments, “From the beginning the four of us immediately realized that our musical conversations are unique. We look forward to sharing that special Popper Project throw-down with audiences any chance we get.” John Popper adds, “Whether you want to dance to it, drink to it or smoke to it, the John Popper Project is musical exploration meant to be enjoyed, all in good fun.”
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