Pole Folder

Artist / Band / Musician
Electronica / Progressive / Down-tempo
Born in Belgium, Pole Folder was immediately in touch with the music world. His love and research for musical inspirations drove him to play in the symphony orchestra but also in Rock n’ Roll bands. Later, his discovery of the uprising electronic dance scene in Belgium became a new trigger and inspired him to start producing his first electronic tracks.

Driven by the desire to experiment and mix new technologies with melodies, Pole Folder spent some years in his first home studio, trying to develop what could be his own vision of music.

After some experience with Sony Music and with Indian Chiefs Records, he finally found his approach - and it became his signature as an artist. At the same time, his meeting with an established Belgian DJ, CP, gave him the opportunity to deliver music fitted for the dance floor. Together, their collaborations delivered classic EDM tracks like Apollo Vibes (2001) and Dust (2003). These became top selling tracks on the prestigious label Bedrock, the first home of Pole Folder. His meeting with Bedrock owner, John Digweed, a legend in the techno scene, was a major moment in Pole Folder’s career. John Digweed commissioned Pole Folder to write his first artist album to be released.

In 2005, after two years of work, "Zero Gold" was born to critical acclaim. Featuring collaborations from Sandra Ferretti, Shelley Harland and Kirsty Hawkshaw, the album garnered support from both the industry and media.

Several "Zero Gold" tracks such as "Faith In Me" and "Salvation On Slavery Sins" have been featured on compilations such as Global Underground, Renaissance, or US TV shows such as Nip/Tuck and CSI. "Apollo Vibes" also featured in the movie "Stark Raving Mad" and "Dust" provided the music for Channel 4's advertising trailer.

From 2003, Pole Folder started to deliver his music and approach of the dance floor on every continent. In 2006, he started his own show ‘Destinations’ on Frisky Radio. The show was recorded live at various gigs worldwide, and culminated a massive following. This led to Frisky asking Pole Folder to recreate this concept live in the studio, incorporating his regular Pioneer DJ set up and live instruments to release his first compilation, titled "Destinations".

After a collaborating experience as label launcher and A&R with 80Hz and La Tour (2009), Pole Folder started his own label: Reworck. This new label allows him to truly express his full vision of over 10 years of work in the music industry. “Motel”, the first track, received strong support from Hernan Cattaneo, John Digweed, Nick Warren and many others. Reworck is distributed by Kontor in every major digital shop. The second release, “Sabor A Mi”, featuring Sven Jaeger, has already been played on promo by John Digweed on his famous Transitions Radio Show.
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