Plastic Little

PHILADELPHIA, Pennsylvania, US
Artist / Band / Musician
Rap / 2-step / Pop
aNYthing Rec., SoundInk Records, Tone Arm Records
Check out our piece on Current TV! Shot by Ted Passon.

GO TO SHE'S MATURE.COM TO BUY OUR ALBUM!!!Shit. okay so we've been making music since the summer of 2000. or was it 2001? I can't really remember. But in any event, Our first album entitled "Thug Paradise 2.1" was a self-released project. In 2004, the first 6 songs of 'Thug Paradise 2.1' was re-released as an EP on A-Ron's fledgling label aNYthing Records to the critical acclaim of magazines such as Beautiful Decay, Fader, Vice(10 out of 10), Pitchfork, Urb, and our local Philadelphia rags. Our 2nd album, She's Mature was released in November of 2006 and has recieved all types of praise and hatred. All in day's work, I guess, but we're rappers, so day work just doesn't fit in my pockets, yahm saying, nigga? You don't? Well fuckit, I'm not going to explain it. Since the release of She's Mature, Plastic Little has been able to tour in the US as well as England (the rest of Europe will see our feet on their precious old world soil pretty soon. Prepare the lambskin condoms and proper sacrifices.), and we've entered Phase 1 of working on our next album. What's 'Phase 1' like you ask, dear myspace lurker? Well, it involves alot of drinking and sitting around, then calling up the other members in Plastic Little and being like "Yo Jon, check out this new rap line i thought of: My penis is like a monsoon in your poom-poom! Pretty soon I'll have another half a bar! I love rapping!" Yep. We'll be done in about five years.

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